Grimm Returns

grimm_title_cardFrom the moment Grimm’s third season ended with “Blond Ambition,” I have been eager for the next episode. Imagine when I learned it was going to be nearly Halloween before season four began. Yes, I know, the associations one can draw between Grimm and Halloween are plentiful and easy, but still, I wanted more Grimm! (waaah, mommy, I want Grimm! (lol))

I’ve never been particularly patient (a flaw of mine), but at last, my patience has been rewarded! Grimm’s fourth season premiered last night, and I loved it!

When last we saw our intrepid, sleuthy, monster-slaying heroes, there was something good happening, namely a wedding between two beloved characters who are awesome together. This being Grimm, we know that such a happy occurrence heralds all Hell breaking loose. We were just waiting to see what our favorite blond witch was up to, and wow! Going through all of that just to take our superman’s powers away? Whoa! And to have the crisis highlighted, and complicated, by the deadly return of another enemy (who, fortunately, got his comeuppance rather quickly thanks to our machete-wielding friend), and a frantic race to try and save our unknowing superman, and all of this during a wedding (which, of course, got rather interesting), well, tensions were understandably high.

One thing about Grimm which I’ve enjoyed from the start: everything has a consequence. The events of the first few episodes in season one had ringing effects throughout the rest of the season, and, of course, the series. The same for seasons two and three. Events within previous seasons often come back to haunt us later.  So, naturally, as season four begins, the first thing we are seeing are the consequences.

A villain got his, but he happened to be a rogue FBI agent, so the Bureau is just a bit interested in what happened. One agent, in particular, looks to be a bit of trouble for our Trubel, as everyone else is satisfied by her story, but she has a certain self-preserving agenda.

An ally was put in the hospital in critical condition, and we are teased about his fate all through the episode until… oh, did that just happen, or is there a miracle they can pull out of their hat?! Is Captain Renard saying his final goodbye? (what’s gonna happen? have I mentioned Grimm is really good with these cliffhangers?) Oh, and with a King about to be in a foul mood over the fate of his illegitimate son, the game of “it wasn’t me” portends certain dangers to our heroes.

Another friend and sidekick has gained a glimpse into the real, hidden world. As he begins to suspect that perhaps he what he saw during a traumatic time may have been real, that he is not crazy, it’s not surprising that he begins to wonder. If he was never crazy, then what horrors are lurking in every shadow? If these monsters are real, do they possess people? What is he supposed to do about it? (personally, I’m just hoping he doesn’t go crazy and start killing people, because that would be sad, sad end to a beloved friend)

The happy, newly-married couple, the ones with the crashed, all-crap-breaks-loose wedding, have delayed their honeymoon in favor of helping their friends. (because they are good friends who do not abandon their friends for a vacation)

And our other major couple must come to grips with what was done to them by a certain witch. Major props to Juliette for not holding it against Nick for being duped, but the next time she sees Adolind, I suspect minimum safe distance would be the other side of the planet. (which, as it happens, Adolind is on her way to right now) Nick, being Nick, is looking for some good in all of this. Being what he is, or was, has redefined him, and we the audience have never known him as anything else. Yet, perhaps it’s not so bad, one would surely think, losing his superpowers. Maybe it’s for the best. What has being a Grimm done for him except put his loved ones in danger? (of course, he’s also used it to save a number of lives, but that, we will get to later) Perhaps not being a Grimm anymore wouldn’t be so bad.

Of course, this being a Hexenbiest curse, one can assume that’s not all that was done to him. When has any such curse ever been so simple?

And speaking of the witch, I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out she’s been duped. Not well, I imagine.

And speaking of witches in general, I wonder how our heroes will react to having one on their side for once.

All of this, and a weekly monster mystery too. Which they even manage to extend into the next episode!

On a final note: you know how most other shows tie up loose ends in their season premieres? There are exceptions, of course, but I love how Grimm does it. It can take several episodes for things to go back to “normal” and even then, as I said before, the consequences linger. So I am thoroughly wanting more Grimm! Fortunately for me, I only have to wait one week this time instead of several months. 😀

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