This Week on TV, Nov. 1, 2014

Flash-TV-Show-Teaser-TrailerThe Flash

Felicity! Yay! Our favorite cute/sexy computer nerd who talks too much (yet can keep a secret somewhat better than Barry can) lent the spinoff her shining presence this week, which was very cool! Not to mention the hilarity of Barry being set up with Felicity by the woman he is love with. Ah! Iris! How cute you are when you’re totally oblivious to Barry’s feelings for you!

Also, kudos for introducing a villain who has no superpowers, yet is able to pose a threat to the fastest man alive. Having only metavillains week after week could prove boring, particularly if we ever want to prove that “normal” humans could ever have a chance against them. Plus, many of Flash’s enemies from the comics have no superpowers whatsoever, so this rings quite true to the source material.

And who was that fire-guy at the end? Dun-dun-dunnnn!


So we have Olly keeping his Arrow identity a secret from his sister Thea, Merlyn keeping Olly’s Arrow identity a secret from Thea, and Merlyn and Thea both keeping their relationship a secret from Olly. And that is only a part of the many twists and turns in this episode. We have complicated relationships, a hunt for a murderer who is likely innocent of at least one of the murders he is accused of (though certainly not many, many others), and a deepening mystery which may have had some light shone on it at last.

See, we know Ra’s al Ghul is this season’s villain, but considering how his League of Assassins were the Arrow’s allies in last season’s finale, this begged the question of how they go from friend to foe. It could simply be because Ra’s murdered the wrong person for a petty reason and framed another wrong person. It may have been a stretch, even with Merlyn’s explanation, but as of the end of this episode, we know he held no loyalty to his Canary, which means Olly’s earlier discounting of the League (“they don’t hunt their own”) is no longer valid. The plot thickens!

But, seriously, Roy did not have to do those pointlessly-fancy moves.


Okay, the most recent episode has just bumped Gotham‘s grade up to a B in my book, at least for the moment. Not only did we see Bullock as an actual good guy, similar to Gordon, and smart like an actual detective, but we saw part of why he became so cynical. Still rubs me wrong that they made him a corrupt would-be murder accomplice as well, but if they can alter that a bit in future episodes, I may forgive them.

It was awesome to see Penguin just show up in the precinct, announcing his name! Bright side, Gordon’s name is cleared. Downside, not only is Bullock clearly ticked off at Gordon, but it won’t be that long before the criminal underworld knows about him too (so much for being an unseen figure in the underworld and Maroni’s secret weapon! First they exile him, and he’s back two episodes later, and then he’s a secret weapon, now revealed in episode six). Makes me wonder just what his game plan is.

Granted, I was waiting for Penguin to drown his mother in that tub, but I guess they still have plans for her.


Called it! Captain Renard’s mother, a witch, had something up her sleeve to save her son’s life, and isn’t it just so touching that it was an act which gave a portion of her life to her son? Also called it: Adolind is very angry with her new host, but, small problem, she’s in the dungeon. I wouldn’t want to be in Viktor’s shoes when she gets out. Called a third time: wesen FBI agent is trouble for Trubel. Called a fourth time: Adolind’s curse did more than take Nick’s powers away.

Did not call: the FBI agent outright abducting Trubel right off the streets or the Nick-Adolind vision-swapping.

They really like their cliffhangers in this series, don’t they?

Doctor Who 2005 S07 Part1 720p BluRay x264-BiADoctor Who

Curve ball central this week, and my little theory about a Clara-River-Missy connection is up in smoke. See, it seemed to me that some things River’s said (in previous seasons) about her earliest history with the Doctor weren’t panning out, but if, somehow, someway, Clara had been a previous regeneration, then things would suddenly fit. Also, the first moment I saw Missy, she seemed somehow like a combination of Clara, River, and crazy-River/Melody, and since River’s story “ends” by being downloaded into a library, I thought there might be a connection between River’s future and the “afterlife” people are experiencing.

As promised, we can share a laugh at my stupidity. LOL. 😉

Among the curve balls: a loved one dies, the “dead” are captives, and an endless army of Cybermen backed by a Time Lord. Or Lady, at the moment. Missy is someone even more familiar than I first thought. Exactly how he managed to survive long enough to regenerate (as a woman), I have no idea, but I suppose if the Daleks and the Cybermen keep returning, then it only makes sense that he does too. We never saw him during Smith’s tenure, but they’ve brought him back, insane as ever. And as I mentioned before, I’m not impressed with Capaldi’s Doctor, so one wonders how he’ll get out of this.

And all that besides a tale of loss, sorrow, and regret. I’m not sure what the more suspenseful part of this cliffhanger is: the army of the dead about to kill everyone, the dramatic reveal of the Doctor’s greatest enemy, or Danny Pink on the verge of making a mistake so tragic, due to his regrets and heartache, that even his own demise pales in comparison.

Clara, somehow, I am still not so worried for, despite being locked in a room alone with a Cyberman.

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