This Week on TV, Nov. 8, 2014

We had a few shows skip broadcasting this week, and Doctor Who’s season finale airs today, so only a few shows to blurb about this week.

Once-upon-time-logoOnce Upon a Time

Oooooh! Things are heating up, and I’m getting chills down my spine!

In the side-story Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the villain, Jafar, makes a comment to a sorceress, Amara. As he says, “It’s always the same story with us sorcerers. At the end of the day, it all comes back around to family.” That held true for Jafar and Amara in their show, as it held true for Regina and her sister Zelina, and even for Rumplestiltskin. It holds true now for Ingrid, the Snow Queen.

(About the only one it doesn’t hold true for is Peter Pan, but he wasn’t so much a sorcerer as a lucky parasite who happened on a fountain of great power.)

It turns out she really is the sister of Elsa’s and Anna’s mother, Gerda, and there was even a third, middle sister named Helga. Exactly what happened to Ingrid and Helga has yet to be revealed, but I suspect Disney is employing ideas taken from the original, pre-“Let it Go” version of the movie that got scrapped in pre-production. Somehow, Ingrid was trapped in an urn and the rock trolls were used to erase all memory of it.

Ingrid has already stated that what she wants is a loving family, but it seems she has something rather perverse in mind. She has Elsa within reach, but she did not see Anna as family due to her lack of magic. She does, however, see Emma as one who can “become her sister” somehow, and she obviously has nothing short of an obsession with our resident savior. As for everyone else… well, Ingrid apparently has a very dark bit of magic up her sleeve, one which will turn everyone in Storybrooke against each other, making them kill each other until they’re all dead.

Except for Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma. Just the three of them. Her perfect family.

And we have officially entered Crazy Town!


Ahhhh-hah! The plot thickens and is revealed! Penguin is a psychopathic murderer and a skilled manipulator, and so much worse! He’s actually planned a great deal in advance! It wasn’t particularly impressive in the first episode when he told Gordon, “There is a war coming! I can see it!” Anyone can see the Wayne murders have already upset the balance of power, and there will be major fallout. However, it’s much more impressive now to see how skillfully he’s been guiding things, even leading Carmine Falcone himself around by the nose.

Falcone must be congratulating himself on using Penguin to dispose of a troublemaker in his own ranks and one of his enemy’s chief supporters, all without getting his own hands dirty. Still, I would hope that he’d be getting just a bit cautious of Penguin, who managed to foretell events so accurately. Such indicates  how Penguin is playing the long game, and worthy allies can prove to be the most dangerous of foes.

It might be, this show’s creators understand the competency of criminal masterminds a bit better than I initially judged. Kudos. Certainly that moment where Penguin took command of the thugs from their “boss” with the simple, yet poignant, insight that said boss wasn’t paying them enough, because he loved money too much, was powerful, and well-crafted.

It’s nice to see Bullock back on the side of the angels again. “I’m doomed either way, I might as well join the good guys.” Heh. If they keep that up, as I’ve said, I may forgive them for making him so corrupt at first. Had he been there when a criminal told the entire GCPD to leave them alone with Gordon, which Essen was at least conflicted about now, maybe he’d have stayed. Lucky for Gordon, he has new allies in Allen and Montoya, the latter of which he has now come to terms with.

And it was cool to see Alfred have Allen utterly at his mercy. Heh. Of course, it does raise questions how none of these cops would ever think of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, but whatever. If they ever get to that, I’m sure it will be adequately done. Which I could not say after episode one of this show, but it’s improving.


Felicity’s mom! And Felicity’s sociopath ex! And Felicity’s natural hair color, with her goth look in college! Yeah, this one had much Felicity, and I loved every bit of it! I can personally speak for how my generation relates to Felicity with her tech-illiterate mother (though mine isn’t that bad anymore… usually). 😉

And you gotta love how Ray managed to keep bumbling into the two of them always at the heights of some emotional moment. Poor guy! He has a genius working for him, but her mother keeps interrupting!

As much as Felicity was at the forefront of this episode, we were not left hanging with everyone else. The master-apprentice montage of Olly and Roy, Ted Grant and Laurel, and Merlyn and Thea was a treat (particularly with the punchline of Felicity barely managing five sit-ups). We saw the brother-sister duo of Olly and Thea closing the emotional distance between them, because, as Thea said, “Family is pretty precious, and love in spite of everything is what makes it precious.” Of course, having Merlyn’s shadow looming behind them is just a wee bit ominous.

Laurel blundered to a realization in this episode, finally learning that she’s just lashing out uselessly. With that mindset, she make a terrible mistake which would have had dire consequences if not for the Arrows. With the onset of clarity, she at last opens up to someone, namely her mentor, and he is able to help her. And her uniform color? “Definitely black.”

Oh, and I loved how they introduced Brother Eye! It was such an insidious AI in the comics, I’m glad they could give it a little nod in this episode!

And, finally, the curve ball at the end, which made me go, “WHAT?!”

Light shines on the murder mystery, but for this answer, we gain more questions!

(what? I’m not gonna spoiler everything! …or at least not right away…) 😉


They really like their cliffhangers.

Fortunately for Trubel, the trouble she’s in does not seem to be immediately dangerous, as the wesen in question seem more interested in making a job offer, of sorts, than anything else. With a few threats mixed in. With everything so in question around here, such as how Nick’s trying to adapt to his non-Grimm status, and the dangerous link between him and Adolind, and where Trubel can fit into his crazy world, perhaps Trubel will accept that job offer after all. I hope not, because I like having her in the show.

Certainly, she’s getting plenty of chances to shine. Going undercover at the gym gave us a glimpse into what lies beneath the traumatized, machete-wielding exterior. There’s a softer side (when she’s not knocking wesen boxers to kingdom come), as we see how she loves boxing, and she gets to bond a little with a bullman (a “heftigauroch” I think it was). As Nick tries to deal with not having his power anymore, and Trubel starts thriving with abilities that have cursed her all her life, the figure of this bullman who does not want his power, but is being abused to bring it out, and who eventually gives it up completely, is a touching compare-contrast figure with the two Grimms. Small wonder he and Trubel got along so well.

Adolind seems to be falling for what we can reasonably surmise to be Viktor’s trap for her and her old friends from the Resistance. It would be more convincing if the Gollum-wannabe who serendipitously appears with food, light, knowledge of secret passages, and an inexplicable desire to help Adolind escape her cell so she can find her baby, in the Resistance, at least had a voice we couldn’t recognize so easily as we recognize Viktor/Alexis Denisof’s. So the only question I have is, does Adolind know? Or has she gone too hazy in the head from loss, isolation, pain, and hunger?

Officer Wu seems to be coming in for a landing on the Planet of Kept Secrets.

Munroe and Rosalee meet Elizabeth and begin to work with her, much to Munroe’s trepidation, as he’s never had a hexenbiest on his side before. (“Knife.”) And just as they’re closing in on a way to save Nick, we see, outside the spice shop, a pair of thugs slipping on masks.

They really like their cliffhangers!

White-collar-logoWhite Collar

Yes! It’s back! I shall “review” this upcoming week, and add it to the roster! 😀

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  1. sophiebowns says:

    I love White Collar! 😉


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