Cowboy Castle


Spoiler Alert!


One of the things I love about Castle is how they manage to touch on so many different genres, classic plots, and tropes. We’ve had ninjas, bigfoot, time travel, kidnapping, spies, and so much more. It’s something television shows are pretty good for, and Castle has been above average when it comes to incorporating all of them within its foundation as a crime drama. This last week, we finally got ourselves a Western! (they even had a special intro for this episode!)

I didn’t think they’d be able to pull that one off!

Soooo much goodness! Castle’s unrestrained, childlike glee at the thought of going out west! Beckett in those cowgirl outfits and the fastest draw! Is there any wonder why Castle fell in love? 😉 The exotic locale was also perfect for the happy newlyweds (YES! Castle and Beckett are married at last!)

Of course, having failed to invite their closest friends to their hasty nuptials does have a bit of a hilarious downside. Laney got over it fast, demanding a smorgasbord of expensive deserts to compensate her for having not ingested a single carb in case she had to slip into that maid of honor dress again, and then squealed and cried in happiness. Ryan and Espo were a bit offended, and whined and bellyached all episode, until Iron Gates set them straight. In recompense for their ill behavior, they gave Beckett some of their vacation days, so she and Castle could enjoy a honeymoon.

And it is a well-deserved honeymoon. From the moment we first met Richard Castle, with his flair for drama, and his hard-hitting partner Kate Beckett, I fell in love with this coupling. Then they took four years to get together, another year to propose, another year to have a wedding, and several more episodes to actually get married. It’s been a hilarious, heart-breaking ride, so to see them finally tie the knot, without having to wait for another season finale, is soooo satisfying! But, of course, they couldn’t possibly have a honeymoon without a murder mystery, but that trope can be fairly predictable. It was a small twist to have the honeymoon be their cover as they investigate a murder mystery which originated far outside their jurisdiction, as opposed to going on a honeymoon and having a murder fall into their laps.

Gotta say, the people making Castle can impress me sometimes with how they can accomplish multiple things with a single idea, both in a single episode and across seasons. They’ve taken a single idea, the premise of the show, and repeated it over and over for several seasons, but with so many twists and turns and overarching plots and subplots and so much hilarity, flying in the face of death, that it’s a delight to watch the whole show. (in fact, the moment I was introduced to it, I did watch the whole show, or at least as much as had been released at that point, four seasons)

Comparison to Bones, which is another crime drama with a twist:

With Castle I could, theoretically, tell roughly where in the series any episode is by looking at it, at the status of the characters, at the plots that are unfolding, etc. Not so much with Bones. It’s a fine series, but the episodes and seasons are all so similar it’s difficult to divide except in great, sweeping blocks. Also, while Castle and Beckett’s love story was drawn out for awhile (and is actually still moving forward), Booth and Brennan’s love story was much more drawn out, despite having an initial attraction to each other (though we were denied witnessing their first meeting for a long time). Not to insult Bones, but Castle strikes me as a more well-crafted show.

Comparison to Numb3rs, The Mentalist, Psych, and Rizzoli and Isles…. oh, right, I still have to watch all of those. So much to watch, so little time! 🙂

Oh, and did I mention Beckett looked hot as a cowgirl?

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