Sunday’s Wisdom #7: What’s Important

“Oh dear. Now I’ll never know! I’ll never know how he did it.”

“Big Bird, do you remember what Oscar said to you?”

“Yeah. Oscar said that if Santa Claus can’t get down those little bitty chimneys, then no one will get any presents.”

“Well, just look around Big Bird. Now does it look to you like no one’s getting any presents?”

“…no. But it’s a miracle! How did he do it?”

“Well, why do you want to know, Big Bird?”

“Well, it’s important, Gordon!”

“No, Big Bird. That’s not what’s important. What is important is… well, we lost you tonight, and we were all very, very worried about you. And now we’ve got you back, safe and sound. And we’re all together for Christmas. And if that isn’t a true blue miracle, I don’t know what one is.”
-Big Bird and Gordon
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

I grew up watching this kids’ movie, and I will always be fond of it. True, much of the plot (what plot there is, at least), revolves around Santa and presents, or at least that how it might seem, but really it’s about Big Bird’s fear that all the kids will wake up sad and disappointed on Christmas morning. As such, one of the wise adults is able to help him learn that Christmas is not about Santa and the presents. It’s about loved ones, family and friends, experiencing warmth and happiness, the joy of being together.

It’s something I deeply love about Christmas, and I hope that everyone, everywhere, has someone they can spend a happy holiday with.

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