Sunday’s Wisdom #9: Because You Never Tried

“No offense, Harrison, but the only reason you died a failure is because you never tried.”
Heart and Souls

Heart and Souls features the ghosts of four people who died in an accident, all with unresolved business, all bound to a boy as he is born, so he can help them. One, Harrison, had dreams of being a professional singer on the stage, and had serious talent, but always froze in front of any audience, even just one individual. He failed, and, even more, he failed to try. Now, when his moment comes, to resolve his issues and sing before a great audience, he’s afraid, backing out, when his young, still-living friend, tells him these words, and they hit home.

So, what the heck, he scrounges up some courage and sings. He sings his heart out. He sings to the cheers of everyone who hears. He sings, and is fulfilled. It is a bittersweet triumph, for he finally did what he always wanted to do, but, oh, if only he had done so sooner. He could have. And he takes that with him into his next life.

What could be more appropriate, as we celebrate the new year? One year ends, another begins. One part of our lives is over. Another begins.

What will you make of it?

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