Awesomeness: Star-Lord and Captain America

Short post today, but this is just too good not to give my two cents.

What’s better than awesome, inspiring examples of humanity in entertainment? When it happens in real life, of course! (this would be the point of it happening in entertainment)

And how much better does it get than having two Avengers make a Superbowl bet involving who will go to which children’s hospital?

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, and Chris Pratt, aka Star-Lord, found themselves rooting for opposing teams this last Superbowl. They poked fun at each other on Twitter, and made a friendly bet. Normally, bets like these involve getting something for yourself, at the expense of someone else, or vice versa. These two heroes decided to do something selfless with their Superbowl prize.

Either the Captain would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital, or the outlaw would visit Boston.

How cool are these two real-life heroes?

Best of all: they decided to just do both!

One word: awesome!

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