The Everyday Superpower Challenge

Hello, Everyone!

I need, and would very much appreciate, your help with something.

A little while ago, a friend bounced an idea my way, for a story I could write. It involves people who have superpowers, but live ordinary lives. They don’t go around saving the day and battling supervillains and such. They just use what they have to make an honest living.

question-mark-faceThe question then becomes: how? What do they do with their superpowers at work every day? What jobs can they specialize in?

As I thought and talked about this, I only came up with a few possibilities: a speedster who acts as a courier and a messenger; an electrokinetic who makes music, like from Sorcerer’s Apprentice; a terrakinetic who works digging and clearing land for construction work; a storytelling illusionist (might work at Disneyland or something). That sort of thing.

Not the worst of beginnings, but it needs some expansion, and that is where I’m stuck.

Which is where you, my extra brains, come in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am looking for jobs, and the superpowers around which these jobs can be built. Think you could give me a hand? Please?

"A few provisos, a couple quid pro quo."

“A few provisos…”

If you’re interested, a couple guidelines:
1) Reply in the comments below, specifically.
2) No heroes who go around saving the day. These are common, down-to-earth, “ordinary” people… who just happen to have some superpower.
3) This does not mean they cannot save lives in their occupation, such as a doctor, fireman, paramedic, police officer (they can even bring someone to justice), search and rescue, etc. But nothing like “I hire out as a one-man mercenary army because I have Superman’s invincibility!” Everyday jobs, with superpowers applied to them.
4) I remember Heroes had people who had powers in everyday life, but they weren’t really working jobs centered around them, like a mailman who happened to have a sonic scream and used it to make dogs back off. I really want these powers and jobs to work together, not just be incidental to one another.
5) Honest livings. No athletes with unfair advantages, or people who “gamble” without taking any real risks because they can see the future.
6) It can have to do with information, technology, labor, entertainment, science, products, services, etc. Sky’s the limit.
7) Yes, there should be limits. These are not gods, after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If these guidelines haven’t turned you off yet, and if you have something, by all means, speak up!

I may use/modify something you give me (that is the point of this), so if you are not comfortable with that, or would not consent to it, don’t mention it. No hard feelings! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And to those of you who (I hope!) will reply with your ideas, thank you!



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2 Responses to The Everyday Superpower Challenge

  1. Hey, no idea if you’re still taking answers, but anyway:

    Telepaths/shapeshifters could work in espionage.
    People with healing factors could be professional blood/organ donors.
    Somebody with Poison Ivy like powers could grow crops for agriculture.
    Weather manipulators could work in agriculture to water crops, or power wind farms.Speedsters could run in giant hamster wheels to generate electricity as well as acting as couriers.
    Teleporters could be couriers, as well as the new airplanes, depending on how far they can go.

    I could probably think of a few more but I think these are probably enough.

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