Hilarious Trailers for Heroes of the Storm

I believe I mentioned just the other day that I’m not a fan of Blizzard Entertainment. Or, rather, I’m not a fan of their games these days.

But the cinematic cut-scenes? The trailers? Those, I enjoy immensely!

So, the crew at Blizzard have taken a number of popular characters from their three major franchises, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo, and put them together (with an inter-dimensional vortex portal thingamajig going on) in a battle arena game (though Blizzard says that doesn’t quite fit, and are calling it a”Hero Brawler”) called Heroes of the Storm. Or, at least, that’s the plan, as I don’t believe it’s been released yet. It strikes me as something of a gift to the fans, particularly since it will apparently be free to download and play. (yay!)

I doubt this game is my cup of tea, but the trailers for it are pretty entertaining!

In addition to the main cinematic trailer, there are a number of characters who are featured in shorter trailers, narrating the experience from their own perspective. Some of them are all dramatic and serious, and some are Blizzard making fun of themselves.

My favorite has to be Jaina’s, where she is trying to be calm and gentle and refined, talking about peace and happiness, as enemies keep interrupting her, and her peaceful monologue gets a bit more… strained. Favorite line: when she snarls, “Each of us can find a way TO LIVE IN HARMONY!” I love it!

And then there’s Murky. This creature, like a mutated frog, is sore about how his species has been treated, and is croaking what translates to be a dramatic monologue not dissimilar to what many epic, overpowering figures say. But put him in the classic scenes, and there’s just something adorable and hilarious about it.

And then there’s Brightwing, this happy, sweet, innocent dragon with a happy, sweet, innocent little-girl voice, and happy, sweet, innocent butterfly wings, and an appetite for flesh. Including human flesh. The contrast is just so understated that I can’t help but laugh! Best line: “Hey! Come back!” Like a six-year-old! (as she chases after some people who apparently want to keep their flesh to themselves, thank you very much!)

As for the zerg queen, Zagara, she mostly has one of those serious monologues, foretelling the endless spread of the Zerg and how all things shall become part of the Swarm! …and there’s just this cute moment where she sees Murky, and hesitates… “Hmmmm… ok, fine, you too.” The way it’s delivered, and the way Murky jumps for joy! I love it!

So, whatever the game itself may hold, I can remain appreciative of the trailers, and of people who don’t take themselves too seriously! 😀

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