This Week on TV, Mar. 14, 2015

Spoiler Alert!

Drat, only two of them this week!

But that is soon to change! Several shows returning this week, even while Nashville and Gotham are going on their respective breaks!

Have I mentioned how much I hate interruptions? Sheesh!

Once-upon-time-logoOnce Upon a Time


Well, the great mystery of what wrong Snow and Charming did has been answered. We don’t know how they did it, but we now know that, sometime before “the curse,” the two of them were temporarily aligned with the three Queens of Darkness, in a desperate attempt to stop it. That particular adventure is how they first learned Snow was pregnant, but in the same breath, they also learned that Emma’s potential for good as the Savior also gives her all the potential the world to be the greatest of all the Queens of Darkness, including all the witches we’ve ever seen.

At the very moment of learning of Emma’s approaching life, they immediately feared for her soul, and apparently went to extreme lengths to put her on the path of a hero instead of a villain.

They even did something unconscionable.

Maleficent was pregnant at the same time as Snow. The one confessed this to the other, hoping to forge a true alliance, to protect their unborn children. But Snow refused. She refused to help Maleficent protect her child, favoring her own unborn Emma. Even worse, the events prior to the Curse include Snow and Charming apparently killing the very same child Maleficent was desperate to protect.

Very small wonder they’re so ashamed, and so afraid of Maleficent’s well-founded wrath. There is nothing so fearsome as a mother, and one who has already had her child stolen from her. Hell hath no fury like a woman, a mother, or an evil witch, and Maleficent is a shining example of all three.

Snow and Charming’s fear of their past sins, coming back to harm Emma, is so great that they fall straight into Rumple’s, Ursula’s, and Cruella’s trap. They watch the two living queens so closely that they gather what they’re doing, but their ignorance of magic is such that they don’t realize how they can possibly raise Maleficent from the dead. Which is: sprinkling Snow and Charming’s fresh blood on Maleficent’s ashes. Thus, she returns!

And the first thing she does is promise Snow and Charming unending agony.

Even worse, when Snow and Charming are about to confess everything to Emma, they walk in on Emma expressing her trust in them and what she’s learned from their fine example. In this instance, she has learned to open her heart, fully trusting Hook. She knows Hook is holding back what happened between him and Ursula, but she’s going to wait for him to tell her in his own time. That’s real trust, and Snow and Charming are terrified that revealing their sins to her now will hurt her so terribly that she becomes a villain, the greatest and worst of all the dark witches.

Shattered trust can do that to a person, particularly when manipulative, opportunistic vultures are just waiting for that moment of weakness, of absolute vulnerability. For instance, Rumplestiltskin and the Queens.

Speaking of, Snow asks Regina to go undercover with the three Queens, to find out their secrets and their purpose, which is like asking a barely-reformed pyromaniac to infiltrate a gang of arsonists, who have the best flame-throwers ever in their possession. We even have a touching moment proving her reformation, where she apologizes to Gepetto for being a bit too forceful with Pinnochio, in an effort to find out any clues of the Author’s identity. Hopefully, Regina will be able to hold on to the love she has for Henry, if nothing else.

As for the villains, Ursula and Cruella happily taunted Belle, telling her Rumple was doing poorly when she asked. Then they told Rumple she hadn’t said anything about him, that she’s moved on, which Rumple has some reason to believe when he spies Belle with Will Scarlet in his shop.

Truth: we are warned away from the darkness of sins because of what comes after. They cost us dearly, the things which are most important are lost to us. The tragedy of Rumplestiltskin is simply that of all who are wicked: he brought his devastating heartache on himself.

Yet, Rumple may get the last laugh on the Queens, as I believe we saw him take a handful of Maleficent’s ashes before she was revived. Rule of thumb among villains: always have insurance.

Now, as for what I theorize, with things learned from interviews and such with the people who make this show, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will see Emma’s childhood friend, Lily, returning in a surprising role. After all, it’s highly uncharacteristic for Snow and Charming to kill an unborn child, no matter the risk to Emma. But what if providence intervened just a bit, and brought her child to this world as well? How perfect would it be for it to be Lily?

Just a fan’s theory at the moment, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed until proven wrong! 🙂

Agents_of_SHIELD_logoAgents of Shield

“Who You Really Are”

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

That phrase went through my head a few times this episode. First, when we saw a Kree on Earth, hunting whoever changed in the ancient city. He’s very strong, besting even Sif in battle, with a truncheon that causes amnesia, or reverses it. He is here to save the world, because if the Kree Empire learns that a series of ancient, heinous experiments were successful, they will come back to Earth and start up the program again. Very bad. And the hidden population of Inhumans would definitely qualify as a success. Heck, only the existence of Quake and Naja (aka, Skye and Raina) would qualify it as a success. Thus, the Kree’s intentions are certainly hostile, albeit with the intent of protecting Earth.

In this, another moment of “you are kidding me,” he found an unlikely ally in Sif herself, once her memories were restored. A Kree and an Asgardian on the same side? Was that a pig I just saw flying there? 😉

Oh, and they’re alliance is meant for killing Skye, who understandably panics and loses control of her powers, until she renders herself unconscious. Half the team had to work together to bring down the Kree, but Sif was persuaded to let Coulson keep Skye, and only by Skye’s selflessness and Phil’s impassioned plea that she remain with those who love her.

And they do love her. Fitz is an extraordinary example of this, protecting her even from Simmons, who feels betrayed when she finds out. Sure, she can say “Skye’s different, she’s my friend,” but unless she applies that to all people with superpowers, I’m not buying it. Not when she was so keen on using lethal force already, and in response only to Trip’s death, which she still hasn’t healed from.

But while her friends love her, they also fear her. Is it better to be feared or loved? I think the worst is to be both. Or perhaps neither. It’s debatable. But either way, Skye’s new bunk is the interrogation cell, the strongest structure they have. It should hold up for awhile, but nothing is truly indestructable when you can cause its very cellular structure to vibrate and come apart.

Hunter is offered a permanent position at SHIELD, and he seriously considers it. But Mac advises Morse to push him away, so he’s not there when their own plot goes down. They are not Hydra (thank you!) but they are scheming, and whatever they are plotting, it involves the very real danger of exchanging gunfire with their friends. Mac wants to keep Hunter away from that, for Morse’s sake. But Hunter sees through them, and demands to know the truth. He overheard them when they were facing the Kree (very significant for Mac), when Morse talked about calling in some real backup. Either they have lots of friends, or they have at least one super-strong friend.

Fingers crossed for Captain America!

But Mac has to shut Hunter up, so he chokes him unconscious. Not killing him, but all Hell’s about to break loose.

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