Sunday’s Wisdom #21: Bring Pride to the Job

“People call this ‘blue collar.’ I don’t care what color your shirt is. You bring pride to the job, people notice. Even if they don’t, you notice.”
-The janitor
Season 12, Episode 17, “The Artful Dodger”

Firstly, it’s a simple truth, that dignity is found not in the job, but in the man who does it. A good, honest, hard-working janitor is the equal of any king or president. Instead of looking at your job for validation, bring your own validation to the job. People notice a man like that, and even if they don’t, the man can hold his head high with humble self-respect.

Second, this scene is may be between two characters so minor that they don’t even have names, but we know it’s a father teaching his son about working, and living a good, honorable life no matter his circumstances. It reminded me of when my own father tried to teach me, an unwilling student, how to live a good life. I am thankful for that.

Perhaps I should have saved this one for Father’s Day, eh?

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