Sunday’s Wisdom #23: We Are Born Free

“When we’re born, all of us are free. People who deny that, no matter how strong they are, don’t matter.”
– Eren Jaeger
Attack on Titan
Episode 13, “Primal Desires”

This is just the beginning of an inner monologue, at a climactic moment – which, in an anime this brutal, says something – but it all boils down to that one statement: all humans are meant to be free. No matter the hazards, no matter the price, that is our destiny. We will be free!

Some people seem intent on keeping their fellow man beneath their heels, locked up in pens like cattle. Men like that, they can do some pretty terrible things, wallowing in their own supposed power. But their power doesn’t matter. They don’t matter. They’re human, like you and I. They’re mortal, and flawed, and, in the end, they’re weak.

So how they try to enslave humanity is irrelevant. It’s dust in the wind.

Man is born to be free.

So we will be.

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