This Week on TV, June 13, 2015

Spoiler Alert!

This is it. The last season finale of my lineup. The last post of “This Week on TV” for the entire summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you’re in). And then, the waiting, the tingling, tickling, itching anticipation, for the next season! It cannot come too soon! 😉


“Blaine’s World”

Teresa, alas, is dead after all. No potential romance between her and Liv’s brother, but that was wild, baseless speculation anyway.

As for who the murderer is, my guess there was also way off. Turns out, it was Cameron. He and his friends, Nathan and Teresa, went through Sebastian the zombie’s wallet and found the thumb drive with the Max Rager memo on it. The AssHats called Max Rager to blackmail them for a lot of cash, and Cameron just decided he didn’t want to split it. So he betrayed and killed the both of them, beat them to death and left them to die in agony. He even made it look like he was either dead or kidnapped, the latter being improvised when he needed to buy gas and was promptly followed by another apparent death.

I was thinking “revenge for Kimber” when I should have been thinking “greed.”

Of course, as clever, and I use the term lightly, as Cameron was, he was also very stupid. All attitude, no discretion. He made a copy of the file, but said he didn’t, which is as good as saying, “Please kill me.” To top that all off, when you’ve just made sure your enemy knows you are disposable, don’t just accept a random milkshake from them. There is such a thing as poison, you know. Surprisingly, that was just to stall him long enough to put a bomb under his car. He was smart enough to pay a handy bum into watching his car. Oh, and to make sure the money you get isn’t being used to track you, it would be smarter to 1) bring your own bag and 2) make sure there’s no tracker in with it.

So, good at improvising, but bad at planning. He’s what we call a “talented amateur.” Oh, also, “traitor and murderer.”

Then he even has the gall to diss Teresa for being “a wuss when things got real.” Yeah, Cam, and how did you react when your friends wanted to go the cops, and when that bomb went off mere moments before you’d have been in the car, and when you realized you were being tracked? Fear, every time, running and hiding and hurting. Teresa, at least, had the guts to come forward and tell the police what she knew.

On the bright side, the good guys finally get the file and use it to bring down Max Rager.

Seems I was right when I said Sebastian represented a third side which could bring a villain vs villain aspect to the show. He’s dead (permanently), but his Max Rager boss now knows about zombies, and knows his product plays a part in their creation. He wants to take it even further, turn Max Rager into Super Rager. He sees a lot of money in this for him, but he has to refine it first, so he doesn’t make more zombies, and he needs to kill the entire lot of current zombies. Including Liv.

So, the evil corporation is out to prevent the zombie apocalypse. And, incidentally, end the culling of people off the street. Hmmm…

One thing ya gotta love about the villain vs villain trope: when it’s done well, you don’t really know who to root for. On the one hand, Blaine and his crew, as well as the zombies who ordered astronaut brains, have to go. They just have to. Others may just need to be put down before they go out of control, or to keep the population under control. Out of the entire zombie population, I can only think of one who has actually earned her right to continue existing, and that would be Liv, who uses her zombie status to help solve murders.

On the other hand, the evil corporation has plenty of blood on their hands already, and they don’t have the excuse of needing to eat people’s brains. Right now, they’re looking to up the ante, taking a tremendous risk with many people’s lives. The zombies need to be taken out of the equation, but so does the evil corporation. Both sides must fall. Yet, who is in a better position than they, to take out the zombies?

Oh, right… Major!

Seattle’s premiere zombie hunter!

Who Blaine is keeping locked up in the freezer.

Not a promising note to begin on, ya know? But as Blaine torments him, bringing in another kid from his old shelter, sans brain, which is now in the soup Blaine gives him “to eat,” Major manages to escape. He takes the kid’s corpse and lighter, lighting it on fire. The only one in the back area is the Asian fellow whose throat Blaine cut, so he can’t call for help, while the rest of the crew are out front listening to loud music. Very fortunate, that. The big Asian falls for the trick, and Major busts out and goes out the back way, circling around to his truck for his shotgun, handgun, and grenade. He then proceeds to lay waste to the zombies in the butcher shop, which was just a kick-ass scene, I say. I confess, I was chanting, “Go, Major, go, Major, go!” 🙂

When Blaine and Julien return from an errand, Major traps Julien in the freezer. And Major has a grenade all for him! Yay!

Small detail: Blaine coming up behind and, as Major turns, stabbing him in the gut to die a slow, painful death.

Awwww, and he was on such a good roll!

Fortunately for Major, that errand happened to be an exchange with Liv. Ostensibly, they were trading Major for the astronaut brains. Instead, they gave her one of Major’s shelter kids, likely the next one they’d intended to kill to torture him. While Liv played their game, she had a card up her sleeve: Blaine didn’t know that Liv knows where to find him, namely at the butcher shop. So a very pissed off Liv comes looking for blood, and shoots Blaine, demanding to know Major’s fate. While Blaine is arguing that his existence is now necessary to keep the zombies fed and contain the zombie apocalypse, Liv hears Major groaning in the back.

Bleeding out, soon to die, Major’s death is not going to be a gentle one. Especially not once Blaine reveals Liv’s true status as a zombie. He mocks them, gloating over his victory, his resilience, his importance. But Liv does not let him off. She has another card up her sleeve, an option Blaine knows nothing about: the cure.

Ravi’s experiment appears to be completely successful this time, and Liv is so desperate to be cured that she nearly uses it on herself. Ravi barely manages to convince her to hold off, because they need to keep the cure around long enough to mass produce, and they need to wait until they can be reasonably certain that the experimental rat doesn’t just die immediately. But she so longs to be normal again, not eating people, not suffering visions, not trapped in a coroner’s office, not suffering the looks monsters get from her dearest loved ones. All she wants is her life back.

Instead, as Blaine turns his back, she jabs the needle into him, and cures him, a man she truly hates and wants dead. He bleeds and feels pain again, but he can also eat normal, delicious food again. More important, he can’t turn anyone else into zombies now, and if the zombie apocalypse is unleashed, he knows he’s dinner. He’s invested in keeping the zombies fed, but now he’s lost his team and his base of operations. The apparatus for feeding the zombies, for containing the zombie apocalypse, is gone. Only the mastermind remains.

As for Major, Liv makes another sacrifice. To save his life, she turns him into a zombie, and sits through his quiet rage, his anger. Then she gives him the last dose of the cure. Out of everyone in the world, she chooses to save not herself, not anyone else, only Major.

It’s a poetic dichotomy, to cure the man she hates above all others, who built a hellish world in his own image and for only his own sake, and the man she loves more than life, who’s fought and bled to end that nightmare.

Everyone’s choices, all put together, may well unleash the end of the world. There’s a horde of zombies out there, ready to tear their neighbors apart, with no cure left to save anyone. As epitomized bySuzuki from Homicide. He heard about the gunfire at the butcher shop and investigated, keeping other cops off the trail. Seeing Major’s massacre, who knows what his plan was. Whatever it was, he put bullets in the zombie corpses’ heads, shot himself, wrote Blaine’s name on the wall in his own blood, then blew himself and the shop to smithereens. Not the smartest idea, Suzuki, to write a message and then blow up the wall.

Now the only one who knows who and where all the zombies are is Blaine. The shop’s records are all blown to crap by now, so it’s not like there’s any other trace of them. If he dies before the rest of the zombies have been dealt with, the world will burn as its people are eaten.

And just to make it even worse, Liv’s brother Evan was arriving for work and stumbling onto the massacre when the shop blew. He’s in the hospital, torn up, bleeding, and in need of blood. Liv happens to have the right blood type, and even with just one scratch, she could save his life, as she saved Major’s. But there’s no more cure. And Liv is refusing to give blood, with her mother right there, looking on, ignorant of why Liv won’t save her own brother.

Oh, and Clive is part of the crew cleaning up after the butcher shop explosion. They’re guessing that Suzuki got the drop on Blaine’s crew and put up one hell of a fight. But Clive notices Julien’s shoes, somehow surviving both fiery blasts, and knows Major had a beef with him. So he sends officers to look for Major and perform a drug residue test.

So Liv is suffering, Ravi is out of cure, Blaine is cured, Major is about to be seriously incriminated, Evan is bleeding on Death’s door, Peyton is missing, an evil corporation is under pressure and on the move, and the zombie apocalypse could erupt any day now.

Did I miss anything?

Oh, right, something about thirty-nine weeks until any of these cliffhangers are resolved.

C’est la vie!

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