First Trailer for Jungle Book!

When I first heard about Disney remaking their classic animated films as live-action features, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I mean, the original live-action version of The Jungle Book was plenty interesting, but it was vastly different from Disney’s animated version of the story.

Then the new Cinderella came out, and, I may forfeit some macho points here, I liked it!

If Disney can keep that up with the rest of them, I will have no complaints! 🙂

But adapting Cinderella is one thing. Beauty and the Beast is not too different from it. But The Jungle Book? My curiosity may have been piqued, but I had no idea what we could expect.

Now the first trailer’s come out… and it is awesome!

This is what we call, good “Trailer-Fu.”

My first time watching it:

I can see we’re being taken to a wild, dangerous land with the man-cub Mowgli…

…there’s suspense, and someone talking to the boy…

…hmmm, where do I know that voice from?

…ah, the tiger, Shere Khan, making his presence known…

…that voice is soooo familiar, it feels like it should be obvious…

…here’s the part where they build on their past works to credit themselves and lure in the audience… hmmm, “lure,”…

ah! That’s Scarlett Johansson’s voice! No wonder it was so familiar!

…who was she playing, again? If I ever knew, I’ve forgotten…

…there’s Bagheera the panther, finding Mowgli… it doesn’t sound like she’d be him though…

…”Adventure,” yes, this is promising some good adventure, and I am being drawn in…

…that’s a lot of monkeys and a big bear…

…wait, what did she just do when she said “sweet?” Why did I just suddenly feel the urge to run for dear life?

…wow, King Louie is huge

whoa! She hissed! She hissed when she said “close!” She is totally Kaa!

…”Let go of your fear, now…” No, Mowgli! No! Do not let go of your fear!

…ooooh, tiger vs. panther! We didn’t see that in the animated version!

…oh dear, it doesn’t look like Bagheera does to well against Shere Khan…

…jumping off the cliff may be extreme, but that’s Shere Khan on his tail, so… lesser risk.

“Trussssst in me!” (shivers go racing up my spine!)

Oh, I want to see this movie!

…wow, that’s an all-star cast!

Speaking of, Scarlett Johansson is perfect for that role! She can say words that seem caring, but feel absolutely terrifying!

…and they close up with lots of action shots…

…and Mowgli and Baloo floating down the river. Heh.

Verdict: All right… I’m definitely in!

In fact, I’m excited!

This is looking so cool!

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