You say, “Jessica Jones,” and I say, (GRIN!)

Agents of Shield is back for it’s third season!

Daredevil has a second season in production!

Captain America: Civil War premiers in (double-checks calendar) about seven months, kicking off Phase Three of the MCU!

And, in about a month and a half, we get Jessica Jones!

I am excited! (if you couldn’t tell!) 🙂

And Marvel and Netflix are doing a pretty good job of stoking those eager flames, if I may say so!

First we had this teaser:

Isn’t that music just so haunting? And I have to wonder if this is what the intro sequence is going to look like. There’s certainly a sense of something, especially Jessica, being broken somehow, in need of healing. I am very interested!

Then we have this little “Good Morning” teaser:

Haha! Right there with you, Jessica! We’ve all wanted to do that!

And now we have another teaser:

Heh, it might be best to steer clear of this tough little lady when she goes out for a drink! Clearly, she’s got attitude!

It’s official: the weekend of November 20, just consider me incommunicado! I will be having some fun! 😀

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