A Little Too Much “Teasing” for Jessica Jones

JessicaJonesLogoYou know, Marvel and Netflix did a fair job advertising Daredevil. There were two main trailers, and there might have been a couple teasers I’ve forgotten about. Result: we were ravenously ready to consume the show the very same day (or weekend) it was released.

While I am still very much excited for Jessica Jones, and nothing – I make exception for unexpected, urgent things – is going to convince me to not watch it that very same weekend. So… they can stop trying to convince me.

I am already looking forward to this… but I do wish they’d give us an actual, full-length trailer now, instead of all these teasers. Premiere announcement? Fine. One teaser, with the alarm clock? Fine. A second teaser, with the jukebox and the aftermath of a bar fight? Fine. But now they’ve released a third teaser, just of her walking around at night, and leaping to the fire escape outside her office. And now I am starting to get annoyed with all the teasing.

Seriously, if they want to attract new people to their audience, they should just release the trailer already! And if they want to excite their already-existing fans… they should just release the trailer already!

Or don’t release the trailer until precisely one month before they release the series itself. I seem to recall they did something like that with Daredevil, in fact. But, either way, enough with the teasers!

For some context, take the word, “tease.” It can have both good and bad meanings. It can be used to intrigue, excite, and amplify how much people want something. Or it can be used to mock and deride someone or something. A couple of teases can be pretty enjoyable in the one case, or, in the other, mildly annoying. Either way, no harm done. But to tease, and tease, and tease endlessly will quickly wear on one’s nerves, and irritate people.

Even when it’s the “good” kind of teasing, you just have to stop teasing at some point and deliver the goods!

That is, assuming you want to keep your head. 😉

While I, personally, am certainly going to be watching Jessica Jones when it comes out, no matter what, I’m thinking that their marketing department has goofed up a bit on this one.

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2 Responses to A Little Too Much “Teasing” for Jessica Jones

  1. Merlin says:

    Of course, then they put out a FOURTH teaser… and it is fantastic and chilling! Oh, David Tenant knows how to terrify!


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