Jessica Jones Trailer: FINALLY!

So, I got online a little later than usual today, my email comes up, and I find that my online friends are already raving about the Jessica Jones trailer that FINALLY, at long last, has come out!

My reaction: instant EXCITEMENT!

Oh, I am so looking forward to this! It’s just, what, four weeks away? Yay! 😀

I didn’t do much analyzing the first time I watched this, I was just far too high on excited.

But, let’s see what we got…

I was right when I guessed Jessica was broken somehow, which explains why her career as a superhero was so brief. But I was wondering just what could break this super-strong woman like that, and how?

They’re keeping the darker tones they pulled off so well in Daredevil…

Jessica’s just trying to get by, uses her talents in her job, keeps the bills paid and the alcohol flowing…

Oh, Luke Cage! Yes!

She doesn’t advertise based on her superpowers, apparently. She keeps them secret. But Luke sees her, so they talk about what she can do.

A few demonstrations, Luke mentions why some people with powers just want to keep a low profile, because the attention they draw puts a target on their back.

Jessica’s already been there, done that… something about it broke her, yes?

Here’s something else I was wondering: how are they going to keep things so compelling as they did in Daredevil, when Jessica has powers? Answer: bring in a villain with powers.

An unusual and dangerous power. How do you defend against someone who can just tell you what to do, and you do it?

And oh! They’ve met before! She was one of his victims, his puppets!

No wonder she’s broken after a trauma like that!

And clearly haunted by it, and him! Even when he’s not there, he’s inside her head!

…and, joy, he’s returned! And since he can twist anyone he likes to his will, he can move unseen!

Everyday people, normal people, are all in mortal danger just because they happen to be in his path. The lucky ones are left alive, but broken.

No one is safe, no one.

People pointing guns at their own heads, or others heads, or stepping off counters with ropes around their necks… he seems determined to rack up as large a body count as possible! What’s his game?

And what’s his interest in Jessica now? Does he think he’s worthy of her, or the other way around, or what?

Jessica, who is super strong, is fighting hard, struggling, flailing… helpless to save people.

Who is she asking for help with that message written in blood on a mirror, as Kilgrave looms behind her?

Ah, one good thing, they’ve mentioned she and Luke eventually fall in love, and it looks like they are going to show a bit of that in this show! Yay!

That kid who has wires hooked up to his head… Kilgrave as a child, perhaps?

People, fire, screaming… what makes Kilgrave scream?

Oh, David Tenant is a phenomenal actor. I suspect he is going to terrify me in this show!

He’s obsessed with Jessica, who is trying to stop him, her personal bogeyman, as he taunts her.

…wow! Just… wow! I love it!


Yes, the teasers went on for a bit too long, but now we have the trailer, and unless the world ends between now and November 20, I am spending that weekend watching this! 😀

…have I mentioned how excited I am? 😉

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  1. 😀 i’ll be maratoning it too 🙂

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