Sunday’s Wisdom #52: Always Have the Better Arsenal

“Never bring a fist to a sword fight.”
– Hiro Nakamura, Heroes Reborn
Episode 7, “June 13th, Part One”

In addition to being a witty snark from Hiro to the enemy he is fighting right then, this illustrates a certain truth: it’s advantageous to be better armed than your enemy.

You see when people are trying to hurt each other, it’s nothing more than a contest of power: who has more? Weapons of every sort are a form of that power. If your enemy has a gun, and you have a knife, you are at a disadvantage. If your enemy has a sword, and you have a fist, you are at a disadvantage. If your enemy has a club, and you have a tank, he is at a disadvantage. And when it’s a matter of life and death, you need every advantage you can get.

So, gun control is counter-productive.

Also: guns are not the source of people hurting people, as that was done with swords, knives, spears, clubs, and fists long, long before guns were invented. It’s simply a part of human nature: there will always be men willing to take what they want by force, and there must always be men willing to use force to stop them.

So, gun control is misguided, too.

It’s worth mentioning that Hiro knows how to use his swords. He is capable and competent. He’s not afraid of his weapons, and he does not treat them like toys. Similarly, we should not only be better armed, but more competent too. That competence comes with practice, with familiarity, with knowledge and understanding of our weaponry.

So, gun control is the result of ignorance, which begets fear. Which leads to anger, hate, suffering, etc. according to Yoda. 😉

To use another comparison, and a fairly silly one if I’m being honest…

Would you rather be loaded for bear, and find yourself facing a dinosaur, or be loaded for dinosaur, and find yourself facing a bear?

I know which option I would prefer.

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