New Trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


New trailer!

And this one doesn’t need to skate around severe spoilers for Arrow and The Flash! I believe I mentioned the shows being a little too interconnected once For this one, they could just let loose and have some fun! Get ready, people, we are in for a ride! 😀

We have Rip Hunter using the Green Arrow and the Flash to recruit the Atom, both halves of Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, White Canary (I love Sara Lance!), Captain Cold, and Heatwave, a very diverse sort of crew, to fight the immortal dictator Vandal Savage by traveling through time and unraveling his schemes. We’ll see different eras, perhaps even different ages, and explore the temptations and dangers inherent in meddling with time.

And I particularly love how they explain the importance of this unusual team’s mission, referring to the fates of what will be the biggest names in this world, Batman and Superman. They’re fighting a creature at whose hands “men of steel die and dark knights fall.” It’s an uphill battle, with incredibly high stakes, and it promises to be thrilling!

And hilarious!

And… well, watch see for yourselves! 😀

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