I Say “NO” to the New Samurai Jack

So, I just stumbled onto this little video on YouTube…

…and my gut reaction is “No! No! NO!!!

You might ask, “Why not?”

Because I loved the original Samurai Jack. It was just a really fun show to watch as a kid, and I’ve enjoyed it as an adult too. Fond memories, I have.

So now I hear about this new version. On Adult Swim. Really? Whatever changes they’re making, they can’t at least leave it kid-friendly? I believe I’ve made my feelings on changing kid’s entertainment into “more adult” entertainment fairly clear already, so whatever they’re doing to make this more “gritty” and “real” and whatever else, I oppose it, flatly.

And that’s besides the real voice of Aku, Mako, dying years ago. Who can possibly bring Aku to life like that again?

I readily admit: this can be accurately classified as, “Don’t mess with my childhood,” and “Don’t change what’s already good.” I do not care if it’s shallow. I hate this idea already.

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