This Week on TV, Jan. 9, 2016

Spoiler Alert!

The Holiday Drought is not quite over yet (most of my lineup is missing in action), but we got one little drop this week! Heroes Reborn is back for its conclusion, and like all good finale build-ups, it stars the entire cast of heroes and villains in a shrinking box!

heroes-rebornHeroes Reborn

“Send in the Clones”

The world is ending, on the very brink of extinction. Freakish weather, electrical storms, the electromagnetic field surrounding the planet already in turmoil, far to weakened to repel the massive solar flares. Doomsday doesn’t get much more “impending” than “tomorrow.” So… what’s everyone doing?

Well, with Noah missing, Malina and Luke are pressing on to Odessa, ground zero for both the cataclysm and the final collision between Renautus and the heroes. They’re intercepted by Phoebe, Quentin, and two Harris clones. Quentin has some serious reservations, doubts, and questions… in short, he’s bothered by the whole “killing an innocent young girl in cold blood” thing. And a bit off-put by how not bothered his sister is. Malina is cornered by all three enemies, but Luke sweeps in to knock Phoebe out and fireball the clone. Quentin says Luke’s on the wrong side, but given which side seems to be “saving the world” by killing people and which one isn’t, I’d say he’s trying to be in denial.

Luke has very good reason to hate Phoebe, and once Quentin spills the details of what they need to know, he is still considering shooting her in the head. But Malina steps in front of the gun, to keep him from taking another life in anger. So, two heroes take two villains in the car with them all the way to Odessa.

…not the smartest of ideas, but without killing them, options: limited.

In the future, Tommy has his understanding illuminated by Miko. Still, despite his fresh suspicions, Erica holds a few important cards, and Tommy refuses to help her unless he knows his mother and girlfriend and safe. She takes him to see them, and they are, so coincidentally, the only ones who were evacuated before a freak electrical storm destroyed their town. Typical Erica: evacuate only the select, most useful few, and leave the rest to die. Tommy’s mother wants answers to some questions, and Erica says she just needs to borrow Tommy once more, for just a moment, and he will return with the answers his mother wants.

Of course she was lying!

She drew Tommy away, to the chair they mean to plug him into. Once plugged in, he is theirs to command, and to put into the rebuilt Eternal Fortress. As Tommy seemed to be getting a bit out of it from the moment he sat in that chair, I’m guessing he’s already been incapacitated in some way. And the “Tommy” we see right at the end, with his mom and girlfriend, is a shape-shifter, I am certain.

Meanwhile, after her conversation with Tommy, Miko is sent to Sunstone for her final mission: defeat Harris, the original, once and for all.

The Harris clones have everyone inside very nervous, but they don’t invade, merely surround. That gives the drama inside time to unfold. Carlos and Farrah stop the broadcast recordings, freeing what Evos remain from their hypnosis. Farrah rallies them at the front door, while Carlos and his nephew go for Micah. They’re interrupted, and the priest dies in the fight, being shot while still flesh and blood, but they succeed. Micah is freed, and he broadcasts the truth of the bombing, the truth of Erica and Renautus, to every live media outlet in the world simultaneously.

Taylor and Rene go for Matt Parkman, who manages to outwit them and gain the advantage. Then he takes Taylor hostage, reading her mind, learning she’s pregnant. With that, he finds leverage he thinks he can use, to make Erica save his family.

The tragedy is that Matt used to be a good, heroic man. But he didn’t hesitate a moment in taking Taylor and her child’s life into his hands, using them to get what he wants. In fact, he was eager. He’s become even worse than a common sell-out: he’s a rabid, bottom-feeding scavenger, cold and ruthless. And he justifies it by saying, “for my family!” Sickening.

By the time all of this plays out, Miko has arrived. As a program without a computer to run on, she’s on her last legs. She faces Harris in combat, who faces her in a true battle to the death, one-on-one. She does well, having the initial advantage, but then he turns the tide, has his blade at her throat, promising to kill her, then the original version of her, and then her father. So she stabs her weapon through herself (she wasn’t entirely solid at that point) to get him straight through his chest, then takes his head.

She wins. And then she dies, fading from existence.

Her last words to Carlos, when he asks who she is: “I was Katana Girl.”

She did much to thwart Erica’s plans, and she died a hero. And she left Tommy with a message for Rem, the she loved him too.

Not bad for a “false existence,” eh?

With Harris’ death, all of his clones expire too, crumbling to dust. Everyone at Sunstone is saved, and a number of them are heading for Odessa now. Pretty much everyone is heading to Odessa now.

And Erica has now enlisted Joanne, who is using her hatred of Evos and her husband to manipulate her, to go after Malina and Luke.

Everything is coming to a head…

…and the solar flares have begun.

Which, I think, may give new definition to the phrase, “Crap hitting the fan.”

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