This Week on TV, Jan. 16, 2016

Spoiler Alert!

If I understand right, the Holiday Drought is finally about to end this next week! Yay! 🙂

And as for this week, Heroes Reborn shrank the box a little further around our heroes and villains, and it’s proving to be a long night for everyone!

heroes-rebornHeroes Reborn

“Company Woman”

Ah, so that was the real Tommy at the end of last episode after all! Here I thought Erica already had him locked in the chair, but with the Eternal Fortress still broken, I suppose that was less doable than I thought. Instead, she just let Tommy stew and get locked into the chair by the situation itself. Still, when Tommy saw that his girlfriend Emily didn’t have the watch, I’d say that was a significant clue of her duplicity. When he overhears that they’re only saving twelve thousand people, out of seven billion, he is understandably angry. But he has no idea what else to do, so he talks to his mother.

With everything Tommy has forgotten, he doesn’t know a thing about what he’s supposed to do anymore. He’s lost. But his mother knows, quite well, that you can’t always look outside to find answers, you have to look within, and believe in yourself. So he does, and pursues a few leads looking for Malina. He’s coming up with nothing, but Malina, Luke, and Quentin manage to send up an impressive signal.

Luke doesn’t have room for the excess baggage of Quentin and Phoebe first, so he takes them into the woods. He may have been intending to kill them, but that seemed an impressive walk to just kill someone, so maybe not. Either way, the siblings manage to get free. Phoebe escapes, Quentin grabs the gun… and gives it back to Luke. He’s in. He doesn’t consider Phoebe his family anymore. She’s not the same person he knew. Which is heart-breaking, but he soldiers on.

They go to a high school, the same one Claire went to, and get some attention from the media. They send out a message to Tommy to come find them, and Micah amplifies the broadcast to make sure Tommy gets it. Otomo gets there first and captures Tommy as he’s looking through the crowd for Malina (me, I’d have frozen time so I could take a nice, slow look around with minimal risk of interference). Joanne gets there and tries to kill Malina, but Quentin and Luke protect her. Farrah gets there last, just in time to take a bullet for Malina, and Luke reduces Joanne to ashes. Carlos is able to take Farrah to a hospital, but that still leaves Malina, Luke, and Quentin alone, with Tommy captured and imprisoned in the rebuilt Eternal Fortress.

On the villain side of things, we see some interesting developments.

Huh. So Erica’s first experience with an Evo was with a doctor, one who held her father’s life over her head in order to take advantage of her. He impregnated her, and she wisely chose not to tell him. When he learned he had a child, he assumed she’d be an Evo like him (oh, how disappointed he would have been!), and tried to take Taylor from her mother. Not a smart idea. She killed him. And then Casper arrived from Primatech, offered to clean up the mess, so to speak. She didn’t want to forget, but she asked him to erase Taylor’s memory of the grisly scene.

Back in the present, Matt takes Taylor to see Erica, to extort three watches from her, trading two of Erica’s family for two of his. He gets what he wants and goes, leaving mother and daughter alone to chat. Taylor figures out, when Erica walks her into a group of armed guards, that her Francis is already dead, and has been for awhile. Erica orders her guards away, stands in front of Taylor’s gun, and tells her she loves her, that she’s the best thing ever to happen to her, that all she’s done has been for her.

That’s a recurring thing in this series. Erica, Matt, Otomo, Quentin… no one is directly selfish, but they are selfish nonetheless. The terrible things they do, it’s all “for my family.” “My family.” But to do the things they’ve done, hurting so many people, abandoning billions to die, just to save one or two because they happen to be their family… well, that’s just another way of caring only about yourself. “It’s all right if other people suffer terribly and die horribly… just so long as they’re not directly related to me.”

And for all that they’ve done, what does it get them? Taylor chooses to die in the present, rather than live in an empty world with her mother. Otomo completes his task, and is immediately stabbed in the back, or neck, in this case, sedated and taken away. Phoebe is not the same woman who was Quentin’s sister. Matt can’t get in touch with his wife, crashes in the middle of nowhere with no one around to help him, and can only watch as the stream carries the two watches he needs for his wife and son oh, so slowly away. The world tends to break the people who play god.

Mind you, Quentin saw the light and left the darkness of Phoebe behind, as he still cares about other people. Erica’s scheme is still moving forward, but Otomo’s counter-measures remain active, as Ren and Emily join up, make their way into the heart of Renautus, and arrive just in time to learn of Tommy’s capture, and witness Otomo being betrayed. Otomo thought he was saving the whole world, after all, so he was not being so selfish.

And what better move could he make than to bring in the world’s best player of Evernow to rescue Tommy? Erica proves her duplicity, yet Tommy can be saved anyway.

Of course, with only a few hours left until the HELE, they’re not exactly spoiled for time!

Next week… the grand finale!

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