Sunday’s Wisdom #67: Loving Each Other is What Matters

“I love her. And she loves me.”
– Fred Hollywell, A Christmas Carol
1984, starring George C. Scott

I can’t really think of a better quote to share for Valentine’s Day.

Fred says this to his then-miserly Uncle Scrooge, after the latter displays his disdain for how his nephew married a poor girl, one who “brought very little to the marriage,” referring to her lack of a dowry. Fred doesn’t give that derision even the dignity of a direct response, simply sweeping it aside with a declaration of his deep feeling for his wife, and how he knows she feels the same for him. Well done, Mr. Hollywell. Well done.

When people put outside stress on a marriage, because of differences in class, or race, or whatever other reason, this is what matters: they love each other. If others can’t accept it, that’s their problem, and it’s a small, petty, cruel thing to try and tear them apart.

When spouses disagree and fight, this is what matters: they love each other. When you love each other, you are humble enough to apologize, persistent enough to repair the small hurts, and, above all, willing to work together to work out whatever issues need working out.

When unfortunate circumstances separate spouses, be it across great distances, across unseen personal divides, or even across the threshold of life and death, this is what matters: they love each other. And true love never dies. It may need continual nourishment, but it doesn’t just die.

To all the couples out there, all of you who are luckier than I:

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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