Daredevil Gets Elektra-fied!

Yes, I know, it’s an obvious, silly pun… but I just couldn’t resist! πŸ˜€

I’ve been waiting to see this trailer! πŸ˜€

So, picking up where last week’s Punisher trailer left off, we have the lady herself, having broken into Matt’s apartment. I suppose that’s one way to get a private conversation with your ex. πŸ˜‰

Elektra is asking for Matt’s help, saying he’s the only one she can trust. True, if she can trust anyone, it’s Matt, but he’s a bit chilly, which she seems to like.

What she needs seems simply enough: a trustworthy man who can hold his own in a fight. What she has to offer: her fighting prowess and the information she collects, moving through the higher circles of society.

First major bit of information: the Yakuza never left. You remember that Japanese fellow, Nobu? You know, the one that intimidated Fisk and is one whoΒ actually half-killed Matt last season? Yeah, his death alone was not enough to drive his people out. Instead, they just hunkered down, kept to the shadows, watched Matt clear the field of their enemies. Very clever.

Now they’ve decided the time is right. The Yakuza are about to run rampant through Hell’s Kitchen, fighting a war stacked in their favor.

That’s an awkward position for Matt to be in, ya know? His triumphs are all about to be undone, and people will get hurt. So, he’s in. On condition that nobody dies.

So, it’s Daredevil and Elektra vs the Yakuza! And she’s got the moves to match Matt, so they could make for a pretty decent team.

I love how Elektra seems to be bringing something a bit lighter to counter Matt’s brooding!

And this is happening while Punisher is rampaging through the city. See, I loved how layered and multi-dimensional last season one, so I’m glad they found a way to do similarly in season two! πŸ™‚

Chaos, violence, etc.

Foggy has not been dealing well with Matt’s double-life. He’s Matt’s friend, and worries, afraid that one day he’ll come to Matt’s home and find him all-the-way-dead, unlike the mere half-dead of late last season (after Matt’s encounter with Nobu). So they argue about Matt being Daredevil, while the city is in turmoil, and Matt gets frustrated enough to be “done apologizing.”

Foreboding words, “No justice without vengeance.” Which I don’t really agree with.

Matt believes the city needs him, and Claire is arguing that it’s not simply his city anymore.

You know, I heard once that the best stories have the outside conflict reflect the conflict within the hero. Daredevil seems to do that pretty well.

More foreboding words, “No redemption without sacrifice.” Which I do agree with, but exactly what redemption is being sought, and what sacrifice(s) will be made?

More violence, chaos, people screaming in terror, Punisher coming in with a gun, exactly as Matt is questioning his own methods. He’s doubting himself and his crusade.

Elektra’s words: “The battle has begun. All we can do is fight.” True. Very true.

…and it looks like the two of them alone are facing off against a number of enemies.

Oh, and while Nobu was Matt’s most formidable enemy last season… there’s an army of them to deal with now. Yeah. Fun. They crawl up walls in silence. They move in shadows. They’re an army of ninjas. The Hand.

the Hand! That seems perfectly obvious, of course, but, still, I am squealing like a fanboy! πŸ˜€

Heh, small wonder Fisk was intimidated by Nobu, a Hand ninja! πŸ™‚

Oh, Stick’s back! Yay!

Some Hand-ninja-person is saying something typical for villains, about how unstoppable what they have begun is. Something called, “The Rising.” I’m guessing that’s what Stick and his people are working to stop, and what was meant when Stick’s superior said something about gates opening. I imagine Madame Gao is connected to that.

…now, what, exactly, is rising up through a huge hole in the ground, one that had to be so precisely placed that they went to a great deal of trouble last season to obtain a very specific spot of land? Sounds mystical to me, so I’m going with “demons” of some sort.

We all know the supernatural is coming to the MCU, but to see it appear on Daredevil first of all is a nice little twist! πŸ™‚

More violence, action, explosions, Punisher with a gun, Matt fighting ninjas alongside Elektra, Matt screaming, cops out of their depth, Karen somewhere in the mix of all this, Matt and Elektra getting steamy (we all saw that coming), Daredevil and Punisher colliding with both fists and ideologies, jumping off rooftops to catch someone (was that Elektra or another woman?) who’s falling… yeah, lots of action and suspense coming up! πŸ˜€

And, of course, a single line to end it on as we collectively exhale, and then laugh. πŸ™‚

Marvel and Netflix have good trailer-fu! Of course I was excited already, but now I am hyped up and eager, which is what trailers are for! πŸ˜€

So, once again, as per usual, I will be quite occupied the weekend this comes out. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hello there πŸ™‚ Merlin. It’s been a while. Will whip up a fully fleshed out comment in a couple of hours, but did Elektra sound like she had a British accent to you?


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