Trailer 2 for Captain America: Civil War


I was wondering whether the next trailer would drop before or after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made its debut. That question has been answered! 🙂

Let’s see what we got…

Barren, icy land, very good for setting a stark tone.

Two guards, turning keys together, opening a door.

While Cap, I believe, voices over about saving as many as possible. Which isn’t necessarily everyone. While they show Bucky, his best friend, the one he couldn’t save, imprisoned. Yeah, he’s driven to help him, sometimes beyond reason. Cap does not give up on saving someone.

General Ross is showing the Avengers (or, at least, the current Avengers team) footage from the various disasters they’ve been involved in, in New York, Washington, and Sokovia (…any mention of that African city the Hulk rampaged through?). Now, mind you, those first two were not remotely the Avengers’ fault, and were only resolved so well as they were because the Avengers were able to operate freely. Still, sometimes the public and the powers that be, especially when manipulated by forces in the shadows (like Hydra), forget how to differentiate between “involvement” and “accountability.” And they’re totally on the hook for what happened in Age of Ultron, particularly Tony.

Cap sees Scarlet Witch’s discomfort at the destruction of her home, and says, “Ok, that’s enough.” Which is exactly what they’ll say to justify putting limits on the Avengers. Because, as Ross says, people are afraid.

Something else happens in this movie, some other disaster. What is that place, the one getting bombed? My first thought is something to do with the UN, but I can’t be sure. It would certainly maximize effect, though.

Iron Man returns, because people are afraid. He is the one who caused the Ultron debacle, so it’s no surprise he’ll accept and enforce limits, “whatever form that takes.” Careful Tony. Blank checks are dangerous things.

What’s that fortress in the middle of the ocean?

A bunch of cells, Tony standing among them. A facility to imprison uncooperative Avengers? The fact they show this when Cap is saying he can’t ignore a bad situation is every bit as foreboding as anything else in this trailer.

Tension between Cap and Tony, of course.

There’s a chase. Looks like Bucky is running from Black Panther (wasn’t it the other way around in the first trailer?) with Cap right behind him and the cops right behind all of them. Panther catches up and takes out his ride, and they both tumble.

Cap knows they’re not perfect, but the safest hands are still their own. He has a point.

Tony arms up and is fighting Bucky who has a gun and tries to kill him. That is also very pointed.

Lots of actions and explosions. Something hits War Machine, to Tony’s outrage and fear. He’s damaged and not moving when the mask comes off.

Tony says he and the world were “wrong about you.” As they show Bucky. And Cap. Interesting poetry, there.

Armed men colliding with Avengers, people Tony says, “Are coming for you.”

Tony has a broken arm, while Black Widow says, “I’m not the one that needs to watch their back.” Interesting.

Cap’s trying to avoid a fight, which is good, but we know the fighting will happen. Tony strikes, saying “You just started a war.”

Avengers are fighting Avengers. Which is an awesome fight!

Who’s in the helicopter watching Bucky and Black Panther fight? And shooting at them both?

Black Widow sees destruction… is that an airport?

Scarlet Witch vs Vision. She seems to be holding her own, but is she really?

Hawkeye shoots and arrow that delivers Ant-Man within range of Iron Man. For a thief, that’s quite a leap, taking on Iron Man!

Crossbones and Cap fighting, of course. I’m guessing that’s the beginning of the movie.

Iron Man warns Captain America to stand down. And Cap delivers his trademark, “I could do this all day.” Good grief, this is gripping!

And they fight!

And the two sides are running at each other! (oh, wait, isn’t that the airport from a moment ago?)

And I love how they have Tony say, “All right, I’ve run out patience,” and calling in Spidey! Exactly what the audience is thinking, waiting for Spidey to show up!

Spidey! Yay! I was wondering when he was going to show up! My guess was that it would be in the final advertising push, but this was plenty good! They didn’t reveal much, just that he’s there and he’s part of the Civil War.

That look. It’s an interesting choice, considering the two iterations of the character that have already appeared in recent years. Very classic. Looks very smooth and soft. And right there, in the last moment, the eyes close slightly. This version of Spidey will have somewhat visible expressions. Hmmm. Interesting.

Oooooh! I am excited! 😀

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2 Responses to Trailer 2 for Captain America: Civil War

  1. ‘Stark tone’ – I see what you did there.
    The fortress appears to be an amalgam of the Raft and 42 from the comics.
    To be honest, I thought that the way Cap refused come off as rather arrogant. ‘The safest hands are still our own’. I do understand what he means, but the way it was phrased comes as a little off to me.
    Love how Panther looked like he was temporarily going quadripedal – flashback to Avengers; Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon! Also reminds you of a nature documentary, like a cheetah bounding at its prey (ignoring the fact the cheetah isn’t a terribly successful hunter).
    The Avengers running at each other really is remiscent of a splash page.

    The Spidey suit doesn’t look quite complete – I assume that they’re still in post, so that should be fixed when I go see the film in 6 weeks – but I don’t like the webbing on it, more accustomed to something slightly more visible. Maybe if they made the black lines slightly thicker…love the arms and legs though.

    Overall, my excitement for the film jumped over 9000.

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    • Merlin says:

      “The power level of their excitement is… over nine thousand?!” 😛

      Heh, I actually didn’t realize I punned there! 😛

      There is something more… cartoony about Spidey’s suit right now. The expressive eyes are one thing, but you’re right, the black lines aren’t very distinct either. Well, here’s hoping!


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