If you could choose 3 mutations from X-Men for your everyday life, what would they be?

Found this posted on none other than Stan Lee’s Facebook page! πŸ™‚

My first pick is shape-shifting, so I can adapt my physical abilities to match whatever the situation calls for.

Second, telekinesis, because there are times even my first pick is not adaptable enough, but telekinesis is.

Third… well, as the first two would cover most of my bases, I would want the third to cover what wasn’t already. The first two are very forward, outgoing, even aggressive powers that I would have to deliberately use, so for the third, I would want something defensive, and want my defense to be a passive ability, something that mostly just happens. In that sense, while teleportation would allow me to get out of a number of situations, I have to go with a healing factor, aka, self-regeneration.

So what about you? What would you pick?

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3 Responses to If you could choose 3 mutations from X-Men for your everyday life, what would they be?

  1. masterleiaofasgard says:

    First off, shape – shifting. I love Mystique, and I honestly think it’s a very practical superpower.
    Second, a metal-backed body like Wolverine, (I forgot the name of the metal *facepalm*) because that would be seriously awesome.
    And last, telekinesis. I like figuring out what other people are thinking, and that power would make it easier.

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