Trailer #1 for Doctor Strange

All things considered, I was fairly certain this would debut in front of Captain America: Civil War. I guess someone got impatient! 🙂

Doctor Strange looks… well, very mystical, supernatural, psychedelic, etc.

We have the doctor himself being told that he has to forget what he thinks he knows, while he is apparently unconscious and drowning in an upside-down car.

He wanders the world, looking at objects hailing from ancient cultures, and a woman is telling him his perspective is tiny.

He’s being rushed into a hospital, likely by people he knows.

He used to be very successful, and he was very refined. Now, not so much.

He, with his hands, saved many lives in surgery. Not a bad accomplishment, that, I’d think, but all the more devastating the loss, then, when he can’t use his hands anymore.

very cool, the voice Benedict Cumberbatch brings to this character!

He doesn’t believe at first, of course, but he will.

The woman (the Ancient One?), sees possibility in his future…

…and introduces him to the world of weirdness by propelling him straight out of his own body! That’s certainly one way to get his attention! 😀

“Open your mind.” it says, as everything gets… wow. Ummm… uh…

“Change your reality,” it says as… reality gets bent and changed and… all sorts of stuff!

He is learning that there are more ways than one for him to save lives.

As things keep getting weirder and weirder.

And he falls back into his own body, just enlightened enough to want to learn. 🙂

And it ends with a back view of Doctor Strange, cape included, ascending the stairs! 🙂

Oooh, this looks cooool! Not only is it going to be a visual trip, but I can see they’re keeping this personal to Strange’s journey! Always a good move for storytelling! 🙂

November, 2016… I shall see you in theaters, Doctor Strange! 😀

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  1. Great trailer breakdown


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