This Week on TV, Apr. 16, 2016

Spoiler Alert!

So, interesting week! No Castle, The Flash, or Arrow, but we got quite a bit from Once Upon a Time, Gotham, Agents of Shield, and Grimm. Legends of Tomorrow, I think I will drop from my lineup soon enough, but I’ll stick with it at least until the first season finale, ya know?

Once-upon-time-logoOnce Upon a Time

“Her Handsome Hero”

And four seasons after we briefly met him, Gaston returns!

I have to admit, I was not expecting that. Ever. 🙂

In the past, Gaston was a prince and a hunter. His kingdom was strong, maybe strong enough to help Belle’s in fighting off the ogres, so her father desired a match. Gaston seemed to be a fine man, though he smelled a little insincere with his repetitive compliments. When a young ogre fell into a trap, Belle wanted to verify whether they needed to fear it, and while she was away, fetching a magic mirror, Gaston tormented it. Then she put herself in harm’s way to learn the truth and let it escape. The ogres came to war with them anyway, and they were engaged in spite of their differences.

The real rub is that Gaston chose come rescue her alone, without an army, to be more like the heroes in her books. He died trying to be a better man, without her even knowing it.

In the present, Hades and Rumple seem to be having a falling out, so the former sends Gaston after the latter. Belle keeps getting in everyone’s way, and Rumple keeps trying to get the moral high ground again, but in vain. Finally, Hades tells Belle that if either Rumple or Gaston sends the other into the sea, which is filled with the waters of the River of Lost Souls, then he will renounce all claim on her unborn baby. So they face each other, and things go badly.

Belle talks her husband down, but then Gaston tries to kill Rumple, and in the moment, to protect him, Belle pushes him into the bay. Gaston is trapped in the waters now, and just as Rumple is giving her the small comfort of their child’s freedom, Hades shows up and robs them of it. The deal was for Rumple or Gaston to do the dunking, not Belle. The contract still stands.

Now, I notice something telling between Belle and Rumple. Rumple chose, deliberate and cold-blooded, to throw Mila into the waters, trapping her in a hellish existence, and all to suit his own ends. By contrast, Belle’s decision was accidental, in the heat of the moment, after striving to find another way, and she only meant to stop Gaston, to protect Rumple. Same action. But vastly different circumstances and motivations.

All of this, it turns out, was to choke hope with despair, to maintain Hades’ power over the Underworld.

While all of this is going on, Emma and the others are still searching for a way out. They try erasing their names from the tombstones, but Emma dreamed about that, and dreamed about something coming in a storm (did that look like an Oz tornado to anyone else?). There’s some sort of creature that descends and kills Snow in her dream, so they hide out in Regina’s vault until the queen herself makes an appearance, and they all got out to face the monster together.

The monster was a wolf, and the wolf is Red.

…so, did she die, or get thrown there some other way? What happened to Mulan?

Finally, though Zelena (whose name I have been misspelling, apparently), hasn’t accepted Hades love yet, he is still courting her. In this case, he sends her freshly wilted flowers. Villain romances can be very interesting, sometimes.


“Into the Woods Read”

This is one of those episodes that is not for the faint of heart. And for once I am glad that pizza I ordered did not make it in time.

There were a lot of threads in the air this week.

Gordon is investigating who framed him, and, with Bullock’s help, gets hold of a recording made by Internal Affairs of the anonymous tip which outed him for shooting Galavan. He takes it to, ironically enough, Nygma. While there, Nygma’s facade slips, and Gordon becomes suspicious, and figures it out when they listen to the tape together. But Nygma had a trap ready, wiring Gordon’s chair to stun him. Gordon escapes and, with help from Selina and Bullock, tricks Nygma into leading him, Barnes, and the GCPD to his victims’ bodies. Nygma incriminates himself very loudly and with many officers as witnesses. Case closed.

Gordon is exonerated, and Barnes would welcome him back now that his name’s been cleared, which is ironic since he is guilty of killing Galavan. First thing’s first, though: he intends to keep his promise to Bruce Wayne and find the people behind the murder of his parents. Barnes gives him Thompkins’ number and the Wayne files.

Bruce and Selina are a good team, but definitely not of like minds, such as when Bruce throws their spoils down to the people on the streets. She’s deeply touched when Bruce sews up a tear in her jacket, but that moment is interrupted when Gordon stumbles in, having been shot and barely escaping Nygma. Bruce sews him up and Alfred comes to get them all. Gordon recovers and makes his plans with everyone’s help (I love that bit where they need someone who would betray Gordon, and everyone looks at Selina). Then Alfred drops a bombshell on Bruce while Selina’s in the shower: Lucius has fixed Thomas Wayne’s computer. Bruce is instantly ready to get back to that hunt, but Alfred has one condition. After everything Selina has done for Bruce, Alfred will not see Bruce drag her into danger. It’s either Her or the Cause, as is so often the choice. Of course we all knew Bruce’s decision the instant the terms were laid out: he chooses the Cause, and sends Selina away, alone and hurt by his betrayal.

Personally, I’d have liked it if they’d at least had Bruce take some time to consider it, instead of deciding so quickly. But they do tend to cover these fairly epic arcs within one or two or three episodes, don’t they?

Right alongside that, Penguin returns to insane villainy. His father’s bride chooses to keep him on as a servant, which is a devastatingly short-sighted mistake on her part. She and her offspring push and push and push him, and then he discovers the decanter with just a little poisoned liquor left in it, and he goes nuts. He tests it on the dog (oh, come on!), has a psychotic break when he realizes the truth, and the next we see, he’s feeding the black widow some interesting meat which is apparently all that’s left of her kids now, much to her horror, just before murdering her.

…I mentioned I was glad my pizza hadn’t arrived yet, right? That would be the moment.

So Nygma is exposes and sent to Arkham while the Penguin goes nuts, kills people, and has a drink while sitting with a corpse. Selina is left alone, again, and throws away the jacket that Bruce repaired for her, while Bruce turns on his dad’s computer, back on the hunt with Alfred by his side. Gordon is investigating on his own as well, though he calls Thompkins… but can’t say anything. Oh, and Barbara shows up at his doorstep, having been released from Arkham, a live experiment on Strange’s part in spite of Peabody’s warning.

Which reminds me… maybe now we’ll see Penguin return to exact revenge on Peabody and Strange?

agentsofshieldseason3bannerAgents of Shield

“Paradise Lost”

So, it turns out Malick’s vision was of his own death. And he’s fairly certain said death comes at the hands of his new master. So, he’s just a bit unsettled when It shows up at his house, inviting “the inner circle,” which I take to be “the believers,” some of whom don’t really believe, who draw lots with the white stone and step through the portal to be sacrifice to It. The oldest, and hopefully the very last, disciples of Hydra. This, Malick thinks, would be quite a choice moment, to kill him in front of the rest, to demonstrate It’s power, but why him, really? His daughter doubts it, but, by the end, Malick realizes why.

He had a brother, named Nathaniel. Said brother, at Whitehall’s direction, found the stone their father used in their ritual, a parlor trick to make certain he was never selected. He took that stone and swore to Nathaniel that they would do things the right way, that they were in this together to the end. That promise was a lie, as he kept the stone and used it to avoid being the sacrifice, even though it meant sending Nathaniel through instead.

And the amount of surprise I feel that a Hydra head betrayed his own brother is… none.

But It keeps all the memories of everyone it possesses. Just think of that, having a living person’s knowledge of the whole of human history. That’s pretty substantial! At the moment, however, it also means It has Nathaniel’s memories, including how he was betrayed and sacrificed. Malick sees where he went wrong now, and is ready t face his fate, head-on. After It reveals Itself to the inner circle, It does speak to Malick privately… but instead of killing him, It kills his daughter, right in front of him.

Now that was an interesting surprise! 🙂 I have to think, does this mean Malick will turn against It, though it means being killed, to avenge his daughter? Or is his spirit finally broken? Either way, it should prove most intriguing!

Elsewhere, now that Coulson and the others know It has returned, to pursue all avenues of investigations.

Daisy and Lincoln go talk to an angry recluse about the history of this thing, and they get the broad strokes: the Kree designed It to be the general of their Inhuman army, but It turned against them and threw them out, driving them from the Earth, and then the Inhumans needed to band together with normal humans to throw It out, through the portal. I’m guessing the Inhumans needed the normal humans because It can take control of Inhumans, which means they can’t face It directly. He also has some sort of funky Kree orb that could be related to It somehow.

He also has some dire warnings for Daisy about what happened to Lincoln’s last girlfriend, which leads to a short fight, including Daisy needing to force him to confess what happened. She has a valid point, as his girlfriend, she does have a right to see everything about him, including his past, but sometimes that past isn’t pretty, so I can understand him not rushing to tell her every little detail. No, my problem with him is that he seems to be hiding from the trouble his past misdeeds could bring, hiding from the worst parts of himself, instead of facing it head-on, telling Daisy everything beforehand. It’s not an easy task, but it is a brave and wise one, to face one’s demons before come knocking on your door.

Meanwhile, everyone else is looking into the medical company that Malick took over in It’s name last episode. It seemed to be interested in one particular avenue of research, namely the repelling of invasive species. That, and trace evidence left on the carnage It leaves in It’s wake, convince Simmons that It is, in fact, a central intelligence that controls a swarm of microscopic creatures which can quickly devour people. What she doesn’t know yet is that It also infects Inhumans, taking control, and creating an astounding capability to work together across great distances.

Couson and the team get their first Hydra Inhuman, Giyera, I think his name was. He’s quite the decent fighter, landing the first blow against May, of all people, though she takes him down. But then he manages to escape and take over the plane, sending it into a dive, straight down into a waiting hanger, which makes me think the whole thing was a trap, and Coulson just led his entire team straight into it.

The only ones still free are Daisy, Lincoln, and the other Inhumans of her Secret Warrior Initiative. So, while Daisy is still reeling from her last vision, of someone on their team dying in space, she has to call her friends together. If the worst happens and they get infected by It, that will be game over, but at the moment, it’s all they’ve got.

Of course, I can only readily recall… two more friendly Inhumans they have access to? Joey and that Yo-Yo girl? Maybe three, if the multiplying redhead is still around somewhere. And then there’s Lash, who wants to kill them all. …yeah, this is going to go absolutely great, isn’t it?

Legends-of-Tomorrow-LogoLegends of Tomorrow

“The Magnificent Eight”

So, after last week’s cliffhanger, where they left off with an apocalyptic virus about to be unleashed on the world… Rip takes the Legends back into the old West to hide.

…ok, there is this thing called, “a smooth transition.” That is not one of them.

The town of Salvation is being run into the ground by a gang, which the Legends get into a scrap with, and so they have to step up and deal with their mess. Same-old, same-old. Ray leads the noble charge while Cold has his back, and the others throw in with him as well. In addition to saving the town, Stein saved the life of a young H.G. Wells by curing his tuberculosis, after displaying his ability to play cards.

Sara and Kendra went to talk to an old woman who is apparently one of Kendra’s past lives. She informs Kendra that, basically, any love they have for someone who isn’t Carter is doomed, either by tragedy or heart-break.

Pretty much the only one who didn’t have anything to do except get captured was Jacks. Even Heatwave has a sort of readjustment thing going on.

Rip tried to sit this one out, having had a terrible experience in the West once before, and with our grisly, scarred guest star, Jonah Hex, whose jacket he apparently still wears. He found the opportunities for heroism intoxicating, so much so that he had to leave, and then the town they protected was destroyed the next day. Rip is often like a ghost, flitting from era to era as he does, but he has some ghosts of his own. He tried to hide from them, but faced them, and won a quick-draw contest.

Then came the three hunters, who, faced with the Legends and Jonah Hex, were quickly defeated. So much for being so scary. Instead, they deliver a dire warning: the Time Masters have initiated the Omega Protocol and sent the Pilgrim, a female time traveling assassin of peerless skill, to kill them all, and she’s doing it by hunting their younger selves. First: Heatwave, as he’s watching his home burn to the ground.

You know, I remember watching Firefly, and being impressed how they could take nine characters all at once and make everything entertaining and sometimes personal for one character or another. Legends seems to spread itself too thin, I think, trying to make everything personal for all the characters all at once. The result is kind of boring. It’s all supposed to be so weighty, but there’s hardly any impact.



This week’s freak is some kind of dog wesen that hails from Japan.

Can I just say, with all the ancient cultures across the world that they’ve touched on throughout the show, it’s about time they did something from Japan? 🙂

So, three friends were drunk and high and showing off their family’s old weaponry. A very dangerous combination, that. One showed off his father’s Japanese katana, the other felt competitive and got an old pistol, which was fully loaded. The third boy drunkenly picked it up, cocked it, and pulled the trigger without meaning to, which shocked all three boys, and the wesen among them woged, which terrified the other two, who dropped the gun, which set it off again, and shot the wesen boy straight in the chest, killing him. A rapid series of events combining rank stupidity with accidents. Nothing deliberate, but truly negligent. The Japanese wesen boy died, the other two were convicted of negligence but got off easy with just probation. The dead boy’s family was angry, and their attorney, bound by old customs and honor, took justice into his own hands, murdering one of the boys and attempting to murder the other.

Tragedy piled upon tragedy, and only brought to a halt by the timely intervention of Nick and Hank.

Elsewhere, Eve was able to confirm Renard’s knowing connection to Black Claw, which is still disappointing but not entirely surprising. Nick clues everyone else in, and they all pretend not to know, keeping their guards up but not tipping their hand. At the same time, Eve let Nick know about Adalind’s suppressant wearing off pretty soon, which leads to Rosalee telling Nick it already has, as Adalind has not told him yet. They agree to let Adalind tell him herself, but his guard’s up now.

In fact, he asks Monroe and Rosalee to explore the tunnel beneath his house while Adalind is away at an interview with her old firm, who hire her and her hexenbiest powers back quickly and easily. In what may be the definition of “awkward,” Adalind gets home just as they’re coming back out, after finding a whole network of tunnels down there, so they’re stuck hiding and waiting, and witness Eve visiting Adalind to warn her: Black Claw will approach her, she knows Adalind’s a beast again, and if she hurts Nick, Eve will come after her. She keeps it locked down, but she still cares about Nick. Huh, I guess a bit of Juliette is still there after all, eh?

Wu is having strange dreams and running through the woods in his sleep, a’la lycanthrope.

And Renard, who was momentarily confused by Rachel referring to making up for last time (lol), is nudged towards becoming a family man again (by the woman he’s sleeping with). Oh, and she brings a swiftly-growing Diana to see her father.

what?! Just how, exactly, did Black Claw get their freaking claws on Diana?! First I thought she was taken by the Resistance, but then we learned Meisner was with Hadrian’s Wall, so I wasn’t sure who had her, but whoever had her… did they have a leak? A traitor, like was on the Wesen Council? Meisner’s the only one I can think of who is connected to both the Resistance and HW, and Diana as well, so could he be Black Claw’s highly-placed informant? Who better to have running the hunt against them than one of their own? That doesn’t quite make sense to me, even if he wanted to use them to upend the Royals’ dominion, because of how he acted earlier in the season, like when he called Nick and they saved Trubel together.

…is Diana herself the leak? Or is it just a coincidence that her first guardian, Kelly, was killed and she was taken by the Royals, and then the Royals were all slaughtered, including her grandfather the king, which she smiled at, and now she’s been taken from whoever had her by Black Claw and given to Renard? Something very strange is going on here, and leaving a trail of bodies.

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