Sunday’s Wisdom #79: We Love Our Mamas

“Even bad men love their mamas.”
– Ben Wade, 3:10 to Yuma

This quote comes from the villain of the movie, a man who admits how evil, bad, and rotten he is, and he tells it to a man he’s murdering for insulting his mother. So, he very much knows what he’s talking about.

It’s a common misconception that every man we label as “bad” is exactly like all the rest. True, there are men who love nothing and no one, not even themselves, much less their families. But everyone is the hero of their own story, sometimes doing bad things because they think they have to. Most bad people are able to justify their deeds, and their continued existence, to some extent because of that one bright spot in their soul, that one shred of humanity they manage to keep. They may cast everything else aside to become monsters and hypocrites, but that one tiny spark of love their hearts… well, that is something they will protect with explosive vengeance.

All the more despicable, then, when supposedly “good” men leave their mothers behind, abandoned and alone. The mere thought of people who so easily forsake family makes my blood boil. If a bad man can love his mother, then “good” men really have no excuse.

And it’s not like Ben Wade’s mother was some kind of saint. We learn, near the end of the movie, that she abandoned him at a train station. She took him there, sat him down, told him to read the Bible while she went to buy tickets… and never came back. That’s the last he ever saw of her.

To say my mother is so much better than that is an understatement of the highest order. She actually raised me and my sisters. She taught me, gave me rides, cared for and comforted me when I was sick, helped me pick myself up when I fell down, signed me up for all the ridiculous things I wanted to sign up for, cooked my meals, encouraged my interests and passions, supported me in every possible way, listened to me when I complained… did not kill me when I pitched stupid fits… 😉

Basically, my mom is awesome. And I love her very, very much.

I’ve not (yet) had to kill anyone for insulting her (heheh), but no one ought to test that if they have any plans for the future. 😛

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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