Sunday’s Wisdom #83: Believe

“You’ll never get to Heaven,
Or even to L.A.,
If you don’t believe
There’s a way.”
– From “Why Not,” by Hillary Duff

This song is about taking crazy chances, going for your dreams, taking risks and putting it all on the line for something worthwhile. I like the song, but these exact words really strike home with me. Perhaps it’s just because they talk about the heart of things, about how, to achieve anything, you have to believe that you can, and that belief is a power in and of itself. Perhaps it’s more personal, as I’ve sometimes found myself without that belief, without that hope, so to hear it in a song… well, it’s a very emotional experience for me.

Hope, faith, belief, whatever you call it… it’s whatever we have that lets us push ourselves. Even more, it’s what lets us move forward with a smile. It’s one thing to endure with a heavy heart, but it’s another to rise up in the face of everything life throws at us, and find joy. It’s even more amazing to do that while struggling through life, trying to get out of it everything you want the most.

I think it’s far too common these days for people to give up on themselves, to give up on trying to do things the hard way. That way lies despair, and despair begets destruction. It could be why so many people are clamoring about how they should be given things instead of earning them, because maybe, on some level, they’ve stopped believing they can earn them. They don’t believe it anymore, that they can get to that happy, prosperous place they want to go, all on their own effort. And that lack of belief is very sad and tragic.

But, on the flip side, there is hope. If you do truly believe, and consistently act on that belief… well, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve! 🙂

Because, after all… “there’s a way!” 😀

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