We FINALLY got a Zelda trailer! With a title!

It is about freaking time!

Easily my favorite video game franchise, I am always interested in news about The Legend of Zelda. We’ve been waiting practically for ages, literally several years, for this game to come out, yet for all the occasional sneak peek we’ve gotten, we’ve never gotten a proper trailer. Heck, we’ve never gotten a proper title!

That, however, is finally over! Yes, we are still waiting for the game itself, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of Nintendo at E3 2016, I happily, and at long freaking last, present…

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I am so jealous of the people who will actually get to play this game! 😀

So, what do we have, here? Let’s see…

Some female voice… wait, voice?! I was too stoked by fan-boy fever to even notice that the first time! This game has actual voices! Wow! That’s a departure from the norm, isn’t it?

So, female voice, “Open your eyes.” …as first lines go, that is a pretty good one.

Lots of incredible CGI, landscapes, animals, monsters, etc. To be expected and anticipated.

Music, very beautiful and spellbinding. Nintendo does that fairly well with their Zelda games, more often than not.

Some of those scenes…

Empty field approaching looming mountains. Hyrule Field, maybe? Some mountains are dark, others are bright, with snow maybe? Is one of those looming black peaks Death Mountain?

Link riding Epona, I assume, through some sort of pass, with a tower standing high on a fairly close horizon. What’s the tower?

A beach, with palm trees and steeply rising rocky ground beyond the sand, definitely looking like some kind of bay.

Is that next one in the same area, because it still has the palm trees? Looks like some grassy area near the beach, maybe?

Out on the water. That’s either the sea or a lake. I’m guessing it’s a lake. Very calm waters, trees that are not palm trees, ducks idly doing duck stuff. Some of those formations in the background are intriguing. I see at least one set of ruins fairly close, then those two peaks that look like a mountain got cut in half, and what could be walls and towers towards the left.

(obviously, they are packing a lot of teasing information into a very short amount of time!)

Ah, deer running through a forest! Finally something easy to recognize!

And some kind of desert canyon area, with some sort of civilization lurking right overhead with those great, big leather tarps or whatever they are, and some kind of walkway. And can I just say? Those birds taking flight, that’s done very well!

Oh, Hyrule Castle! Some sort of settlement nearby, but that looks like some pretty wild country right around the castle, which I think I see is in ruins! Is this set far in a future timeline, then? Some sort of huge fire burning practically on their doorstep too, but not so huge as to feel threatening. Could be some folk ritual.

I’m seeing that split mountain again, maybe from a castle perspective. Either way, those are winged statues, reminding me of loftwings and such.

More field mountains and wildlife. This place looks pretty untamed, ya know? Which I suppose fits a title that includes the world “wild.”

“Open your eyes.” Again. Yes, believe me, our eyes are open and drinking in the footage! 🙂

(good Lord, have I really gone through less than one minute out of three with all of this?)

Ok, that. That thing that looks like a statue is not a statue! Easily recognized from one of the first teasers they showed us. It’s some sort of laser-spouting enemy! …which just happens to be dormant at the moment.

Hmm, sudden shift in weather to stormy. Ominous. Peacetime is over, I guess.

Fade to black and… “Wake up, Link.” 😀

And the Hero himself! 😀 Running, jumping off a cliff into a forest, carrying all his weaponry and tools, then gliding over the trees on a sail! Oh, I see that big fire we saw earlier in front of the castle! And there’s more landscape, including the unmistakable peak of the castle, and that has got to be Death Mountain dominating the horizon (I was wrong earlier, apparently).

Link’s running through forests, creeping through field without his tools to jump on bucking horses, riding Epona through a great archway onto a bridge, more teasers for locations in the game…

He’s climbing a tree. That’s new! He can climb more things now! Including buildings, like castles! And sheer rocky surfaces! Very high and perilous rocky surfaces! (split mountain again… that place appears to hold some significance)

Chopping a tree down to make a bridge across a chasm? Also new. Swimming with a harpoon, new. Shooting a boar with an arrow, a new application for an age-old ability. Setting the grass on fire, new. …cooking food? Definitely new. Scaring the big, red humanoid monster, and sneaking by, cool. Rolling great rocks down onto them, also new.

What is that book that looks like it has a glowing blue eyeball design on the cover?! I’m guessing that is pretty significant!

Seeing some new abilities at work here that I can scarcely begin to describe. Raising water up in a solid, non-ice platform and climbing on it. Raising some sort of staff, I think, out of water with telekinesis, and dropping a plank of wood on enemies with the same ability. Very cool.

Briefly see him running through a storm.

Then he’s standing on a platform that has a lock with a book-shaped keyhole, looking at the castle that has a glowing beacon in it.

…wait, what was that?! That huge, wiggly thing rising up around and over the castle?

Now Link’s up on the walkways above that desert canyon from earlier, fighting monsters. …with a spear! Oh, yay! We get more weapons! 😀 Is that an axe he’s using on the bull monster in the middle of a winter wonderland? Ok, fighting at night in the desert, he’s definitely using a blade, but it’s not like any I’ve seen in another Zelda game. And he’s wearing armor and using his shield offensively against jellies in the field! And he has exploding arrows!

…uh, rock monster! He’s using a sword on a rock monster!

He’s running through the desert and we see more landscape. That’s a huge waterfall in the distance, right?

Ah, the winter place! Looks very mountainous! With some sort of banner flapping in the wind atop a great pole. Is that the remnant of a civilization or something more current? (and this music is totally sweeping me up!)

Some sort of shrine, I think, Link opens up with that book.

And we have one of those huge walking bell monsters coming at us! …hang on, doesn’t that laser look a lot like the eye on the book?

…and, the Master Sword! Excellent! 😀 Very picturesque, it is, waiting in that gleaming, sunlit forest for its wielder…

Hmm, that bell-shaped laser-eye monster must be pretty significant after all if they’re including it in the title screen. And that split mountain again! What is that place?!

It’s a very calm, quiet ending to a pretty packed trailer. Just letting us absorb and breathe.

…why is there a flower growing in the title?

Ooooh, so many questions! So much teasing! And the name! “Breath of the Wild!” 😀

Between the skills, the enemies, the locales, the style, and so much of it new… I dunno, I look at all of this, and I can’t help but think that we’re going to get a Zelda game that’s not quite like any that have come before.

Exciting, isn’t it? 😀

This could very well be worth the prolonged wait!

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