Ever More Marvel/Netflix Awesomeness!

That sound you hear just might be my fan-boy squealing of delight! Within the last couple of hours, we got not one, not two, not three, but four Netflix teasers and trailers concerning their MCU shows. We got an SDCC sizzler for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, followed by a straight up teaser for Luke Cage, followed by another teaser for, of all things, The Defenders (yay!), and finally, a first look at Iron Fist! 😀

I have grinned so much the last ten minutes that my face is starting to hurt, and I don’t care! 😀

Let’s start off with the next show coming our way right at the end of September, beginning of October: Luke Cage.

Fairly basic, of course. We already know Luke from his time with Jessica. Speaking of, they really need to have her in Luke’s story just as he was in hers, ya know? Here’s hoping! Fingers crossed! And I have digressed! 😛

Shot of the city, set the place, old fellow talking to Luke. Clearly a mentor figure, maybe family or close friend, not sure which. Urges him to help people. Just like his wife did, apparently. For whatever reason, he finally listens.

Some night or other, he suits up with a hoodie. Has a fairly gangster feeling, that scene.

For a moment, I was wondering what he could possibly need a car door for. But he puts it to pretty good use! I mean, sure, he could just walk straight through all of that anyway, but the door becomes the cap to his human battering ram approach, and he uses it to restrain a thug, and take bullets, perhaps disguise his own invulnerability for a few minutes.

Interesting. I once called Daredevil a trained fighter/assassin, while Jessica is more of a brawler. Luke’s style, at least for now, seems to be even less sophisticated: he’s a human bulldozer.

And apparently being able to punch through walls leaves him with a limitless supply of weaponry!

Neither bars nor bullets can stop this man! Hah! 🙂

…which makes me wonder how they’ll explore his limits and push his boundaries. They’ve never failed yet to deliver the goods, so I am excited! 🙂

Hmm, some lawyer person finds his antics amusing, perhaps mocking his hero act. But Luke, evidently, isn’t just charging in and calling it done with one little victory. He’s just getting started.

…oh, I just realized, I haven’t heard who the villain is yet! Who is it? Who is it?!

…ok, breathe… breathe…

Next up, Iron Fist.

Oriental style music, right from the get-go.

First scene is a woman, presumably Danny Rand’s mother, caressing him in reassuring affection as their plane is going down. I think, judging from the shaking and the oxeygen masks and the whatever-that-is in the snow. Oh, and him. The boy, too, is in the snow. Unconscious. So, yeah, plane go down. He’s found by monks.

Cut back to the big city, likely some time later. One scene, he’s out, albeit barefoot (like austere monks usually are), an the next, he’s locked up and restrained in some sort of institution. Which I assume he breaks out of, what with the whole blasting a hole in the wall with his fist.

“Hello, Danny.” Excellent line. And he is very haggard looking, isn’t he? I think this is the first version of the Iron Fist I’ve seen where he has a beard, let alone has such an untamed hairdo.

And oooh! Cool logo!

Next up, the assembling of all four of them! The Defenders!

Oh, there is so much going on in this!

This… messy collage of news and tidbits and everything else… they have a really good design team, ya know? Someone is obviously an artist, unafraid of tangled messes! 🙂 Which is really cool because with all the overlapping tangles being pulled back to reveal the characters and their connections, it’s a really neat effect! All these allusions to what is already familiar about Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and things which will become familiar in Luke Cage and Iron Fist… oh, I love it!

Hmm, how’s Seagate Prison going to prove so important? Was that a map of an island offshore? I think I caught a quick glimpse of something about May 12. What’s that about? Was that when Iron Fist comes out? Oh, and I love the question, “Who is Danny Rand?” Heh, we’ll soon find out! 🙂

Pieces coming together, being taken apart, forming the word “Defenders” from letters taken from each of the titles of the other shows. Cool. That hand, though… what’s the ha-…

…(moment of realization)…

…The Hand! Of course! We know they’re still there, and their plans are still moving forward! They are definitely part of whatever is going on here! Ooooh! Cool!

…or, at least, that’s one theory. I could be wrong.

But I’m fairly certain that’s Stick’s voice saying, “You think the four of you can save New York? You can’t even save yourselves.” Which would lend the Hand theory some credibility. I wonder, what’s Stick’s part in this story? He’s something of a mentor to Daredevil, but they don’t exactly always see eye to eye, even coming to blows. Is he going to give the Defenders a trial by fire or something?

And, again, cool logo! Coming in 2017! 🙂

And finally… the mashup:

For the most part, we’ve seen these snippets already. Even so, it’s still an awesome little treat!

I mean, it’s crafted so well! When we’re listening to Karen’s closing monologue from Daredevil‘s last season, we’re seeing Daredevil, a hero that does not stand above the people of New York. We see Jessica, who lives among the normal people. We see Luke Cage looking at himself in the mirror as the words, “always here, but rarely recognized.”

“This is your Hell’s kitchen. Welcome home.” And cue the action! 🙂 The heroes are awesome, the villains are menacing, the violence is real! Whoo!

We got Daredevil clips, “I want everyone to see what’s about to happen,” says the Kingpin. Oh, don’t worry, we will! We will! 😀

Then the clips from Jessica Jones.

Then… clips from Luke Cage! Yes! Kicking down a door, startling whoever was inside. Bulldozing through gangsters (we saw some of that in his teaser). 🙂

Daredevil and Jessica Jones again, with classic lines and scenes.

Luke Cage again, apparently stepping into a dispute. What’s he going to do? He doesn’t have to do much, just stand there and let the other guy break his hand on his jaw!

Explosions… was that a scene from Daredevil, or is it from the upcoming Luke Cage? It can be difficult to tell one ship exploding from another at times.

That little fellow, utterly dwarfed by Luke, seems to be a villain, ready to go to war with Luke. Bold man, that. Bold or ignorant. Hopefully the latter.

And now we’re getting overlapping clips and dialogue from all three! Yes!

Luke is in some public place, trying to shield someone from bullets.

Then his enemy has a pile of money as he stands soaked in other people’s blood, while Luke is apparently accosted by the media. So much for keeping a low profile. But, ah! I see a moment where he removes the hood, turning into the face of the scrutiny, standing firm. I like that! 🙂

…did that scene with Jessica on the bridge come from her show? I can’t readily recall it. Could it be from Luke’s? Oh, I hope so!

…someone just shot a bazooka at Luke, and whoever he’s standing with. Um, ok, that could be problematic.

…ok, I love the bit with Daredevil pushing himself up, Jessica rising, and Luke moving forward like a wall with legs. Three heroes, doing the same thing. Cue the logos.

And a quick little bit for Punisher at the end. First up after The Defenders, I believe.

Oh, I love it! I love all of them! 😀

Just consider my weekend pretty much spoken for whenever one of these comes out! 😀

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  1. Merlin says:

    Also, Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of Shield. Whoo! 🙂


  2. masterleiaofasgard says:

    Reblogged this on Excelsior! and commented:
    This is epic! 😀 I can’t wait for Iron Fist and Defenders to come out!

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