Sunday’s Wisdom #107: I am Thankful

“Look, we don’t know what’ll happen next to any of us, but we can’t let that haunt us. We can’t let that make us forget what we mean to one another. A few years ago, I sat on top of that Ferris wheel with Elena, and I told her how important it was to appreciate these moments, because moments are all we have. So, in honor of Tyler and Elena, we need to keep creating moments like these. We need to remember to live.”
Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries
Season 8, Episode 5, “Coming Home Was a Mistake”

I have been trying to find and decide on the perfect quote for this time of year.

In my country, we are having Thanksgiving, where we remember what we have, and that is very soon followed by the Holidays, meaning Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, etc. And, as it happens, my birthday is somewhere in all of that. So, this time of year is very special to me, and as we enter it, I wanted something that spoke to what we have, what I have, and what truly matters most to me.

How very unexpected to find it in, of all shows, The Vampire Diaries. Not only would the vampires place this firmly in the Halloween time of year, but there is a lot of terror, bloodshed, death, and loss. Not something you’d normally look to for Holiday inspiration, ya know?

This quote is what Stefan says to his circle of loved ones as they’ve gathered for an unorthodox memorial to a fallen friend. They’ve lost a lot of people over the years, and throughout their lives, so they know, better than most, that their stories will eventually end, very likely in pain. That’s why they have to remember to cherish life, and living, for as long as they can. They’ve lost friends and family, but they still have each other. They’re still together. They can still make moments of happiness.

As they mourn a tragic death, they find renewed life.

And that’s when they find what they need to endure.

In the depths of darkness, light.

In the heart of sorrow, joy.

At the bottom of despair, hope.

In the moment of loss, gratitude.

In the storm of agony, peace.

In the void of loneliness, family.

Family, the greatest blessing of all.

I am so grateful for my family. My parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my dear friends. I am thankful for every moment I’ve had, every moment I am still having, and every moment I hope to have with them. One day, they won’t be there anymore, or I won’t, or whatever. So I’m going to make sure to treasure every moment we have right now.

That is what I am most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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