This Week on TV, Jan. 7, 2017

Spoiler Alert!

Yay! The Holiday Drought is ending! Mind you, we only had one among my lineup air this week, but it was the premiere of Grimm‘s final season, so no complaints here! 🙂 2017 begins with a bang!


6.01 “Fugitive”

Fade in on Nick and Renard standing over the fallen Black Claw bodies, including Bonaparte… awkwaaaard!

I suppose, after all that chaos and bloodshed, with the secrets and mysteries each man is guarding, dropping the fight and walking away is pretty much the most sensible thing one can do.

In Renard’s case, of course, it looks like Nick just slaughtered an entire contingent of Black Claw single-handed, a bloody massacre where Nick evidently emerged unscathed, as if immortal, while Renard’s last and most potent ally on the field is dead, and he was just used like a puppet, so… yeah, quiet, unassuming retreat. Very advisable. He’s always been very good at keeping himself intact.

And Nick, for all that he is the last man standing, is wiped out, so when his last enemy, who seems to have killed his own ally and saved Nick’s life, walks away without further battle… yeah, letting him go would seem like a good idea at the time.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have to wait long to see how bad of an idea that really was.

In the meantime, Nick’s friends find a way out and come back together, ready to go back up to try and save him. He gives them all the fright of their lives when he actually catches up to them, and nearly loses his head to Trubel’s machete as a result. He should, by rights, be absolutely dead, and they notice the bullet holes in his clothes, yet he still lives. Eve can guess the connection between that and her own miraculous healing, so out comes the truth about the stick. Everyone is mystified, but they have messes to clean up, both at the loft and the spice shop, so they get busy, unceremoniously dropping their enemies’ bodies down the nearest hole.

Small surprise, though: when Eve helps with one of the bodies, it grabs her. Tightly. It seems to be a spell of some sort, by a wesen that Trubel can only say she’s never encountered before, with the aim of trading a pure soul in place of his own in the underworld. Gee, man, if what you were doing was really so right, then why fear going to Hell, eh? Fortunately, they just need to sever his hand to end the spell, get Eve back, and leave him to a well-deserved fate.

Once the work is done, everyone splits up. Munroe and Rosalee go home to rest, Hank and Wu head to the precinct to keep their eyes and ears open, Eve and Trubel mean to talk to Nick, while Nick goes to visit Adalind and their son, Kelly. Heh, right when Renard turns the city upside-down to find him, Nick can be found in Renard’s house. Haha!

Of course, as previously mentioned, they really need to keep Diana from finding out about Adalind being in love with Nick. If Diana learns how badly her mother wants to leave with Nick, she might turn on the both of them.

And then there’s the matter of Bonaparte’s ring, which Adalind hates, but which she refuses to take off unless they know, for absolute certain, that whatever spell he wove on it has been broken, lest “her children suffer.” I’m really not sorry he’s gone.

On Renard’s side, right after the massacre, he returns home in confusion, and he and Adalind soon guess at Diana’s part in Bonaparte’s death, which Adalind soon confirms by asking Diana if she’d been playing with her dolls that night. She’s a rather powerful little girl, not knowing anything about right from wrong, only that things get in the way of what she wants, so she gets rid of them, like she did with Rachel and Bonaparte. Very scary. I would not want to be in Adalind’s shoes right now.

Renard, ever one for his own preservation and happy to use his enemies as scapegoats, quickly decides to blame Bonaparte’s death on Nick. Having been deep in Nick’s circle, he knows where Nick could go when going to ground, so he gets search warrants for Nick’s loft and he homes of his friends, like Munroe and Rosalee. He’s using his connections through Black Claw, but he’s bringing to bear the entire civil authority he possesses, especially the police department.

War is a funny thing, ya know? One moment, you’ve triumphed completely, wiped out your enemies… and then you blink, and you’ve been defeated in all but name. The Claw had Portland to their name when they wiped out the local chapter of Hadrian’s Wall, with Eve and Trubel hoping, at best, to retreat, regroup, rebuild elsewhere… maybe return someday. But between the battle at North Precinct, the massacre at Nick’s home, and Bonaparte’s death at Diana’s will, the Black Claw has suffered major setbacks, right on the heels of their great success. And now we have a mysterious voice, presumably the head of Black Claw himself, telling Renard it’s essential for him to take control of the Portland, which was always part of the plan, but now is absolutely vital to make up for their losses. Thus the use of the police, making Nick’s demise more legitimate for the mayor-elect police captain.

I’m wondering if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that Black Claw’s plans apparently hinge on a man who seems to be on his last thread of sanity at the moment. He’s been through the ringer the last few years, with multiple psychological, physical, and mystical traumas. Now he’s been Diana’s puppet in killing Bonaparte soon after watching Bonaparte inflict a slow, gruesome death on Meisner, his former comrade. He’s seeing blood on his hands that isn’t there, seeing the scene of Meisner’s death, hearing his words, how he chose the wrong side. Between all of that and his fear for his life, he is not stable right now, and is nothing short of obsessed with taking Nick down. He is not stable right now. And unlike previous times when there was some sort of mystical cause, the source of the instability is completely internal.

Which means he can be sloppy, like when he didn’t include Bud as one of Nick’s allies, but also unpredictable and implacable.

Nick finds temporary safety with Bud, and the whole gang gathers to discuss their next move, touching a few subjects. Obviously, cutting and running might be a good idea, as Nick is the object of a manhunt they can’t protect him from forever. He hesitates, not one to run, and also not one to abandon Adalind, but time is running out on them.

Eve also suggests he stop carrying the healing stick. Not only are there warning labels on the cloth it came in, but Eve can see symbols no one else can see, the same symbols the death-grip guy had on his face when he tried to trade her to the underworld. It clearly has some sort of additional effect besides healing, as Eve came back a little different as well, and unable to access her hexenbiest side. Nick has been carrying the stick with him everywhere since the previous night, and Eve thinks it could affect him in too, in some unexpected, possibly dangerous, way.

They don’t get to decide anything, though, as they realize Renard has a bead on them in Bud’s shop. Wu’s partner, Franco, is watching it, and soon Renard himself shows up with a small army of officers in tow, in swat gear. So much for that diversion of pretending to smuggle Nick out in a freezer. They have about five seconds before the cops come bursting through the door, with orders to kill.

…and cliffhanger!

Have I mentioned they really like those on Grimm?

One other note, though: Rachel’s body has been found, and with the mystical means of her death, there’s no forensic link between her and Diana. But there is one between her and Renard, as evidenced by his many fingerprints all over the place. Ooooh! Could this be a surprisingly fortuitous fatality on our hands, here? Will Renard be blamed for her death? Will he finally snap and go nuts, babbling about his daughter’s magic powers, thus saving Nick and the others?

…eh, I doubt it’ll turn out that well, but one can hope! 😉

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