Sunday’s Wisdom #112: The Open Door

“A chapter has ended, swept away by the whirlwind. One door has closed. But another has opened. And on the other side… our future.”
– Ghanima Atreides, Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune

These are the last words of the miniseries. Appropriate for an ending, no?

Coming at the end, of course, a great deal has happened previously, both in this series, and in its predecessor, Dune. Yet it’s only the beginning of the epic crafted by Frank Herbert, and for all the pains and losses our heroes have endured, all the sacrifices they have made, life continues on, as it always has. The do have fears about what lies ahead. Terrible fears, in fact. They’ve passed through a tumultuous age, one that has changed many things and left others the same as ever, and all they know for certain about what lies ahead is that it won’t be entirely pleasant. But they’ll get through it, one way or another.

I’d intended to post this on New Year’s Day. Poetic, ya know? But life happened, as it does. 😉

Life always happens. And it keeps happening. It’s filled with endings, and new beginnings, and lots and lots of stuff in the middle. The only question is what we do with it.

Another year has ended, filled with good and bad. Another year has begun, and it, too, will be filled with good and bad. The wheel never stops turning, no matter if we’ve been caught on something. Eventually, we just have to let go of what’s behind us and face forward.

The past is always there to be remembered, and the future is always there to be seized.

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