Legend of Zelda Challenge: Introduction

The_Legend_of_Zelda_series_logoI announced recently that, in honor of the upcoming release of Breath of the Wild, which, I am already drooling in envy of everyone who will actually get to play it, I am going to complete the 30-Day Legend of Zelda Challenge. And it will actually be within thirty days, instead of thirty weeks, as happened with the 30-Day Anime Challenge.

The small problem, though, was that I found more than one version of the Zelda Challenge, and I hated the thought of doing only one of them. So I fiddled with them, merged a few topics, took some out, replaced them with others, and now I have my own personal version of this Challenge, for your reading pleasure! šŸ™‚

Wish me luck! šŸ™‚

Day 1: Favorite Legend of Zelda game.

Day 2: Favorite character.

Day 3: Favorite villain.

Day 4: Favorite item.

Day 5: First Zelda game you owned.

Day 6: First Zelda game you completed.

Day 7: Favorite incarnation of Link.

Day 8: Favorite ocarina song.

Day 9: Easiest boss you’ve battled.

Day 10: Hardest boss you’ve battled.

Day 11: What did you register your name as?

Day 12: Favorite side-quest.

Day 13: Scariest thing in Zelda (re-deads, deadhands, wallmasters, skulltulas, etc.)

Day 14: Favorite part in any game.

Day 15: A scene in any of the games you’ve cried over.

Day 16: What Triforce piece would choose you?

Day 17: Something in the Legend of Zelda games you want to exist in real life.

Day 18: Favorite version of Link and Zelda and why.

Day 19: Least favorite Zelda game.

Day 20: Your favorite battle.

Day 21: Which Goddess is your favorite and why.

Day 22: Something you want to change in any of the games.

Day 23: Favorite plot.

Day 24: Favorite instrument used in the game.

Day 25: Favorite dungeon/temple.

Day 26: Favorite race.

Day 27: Least favorite dungeon/temple.

Day 28: Favorite companion.

Day 29: The video game that had the best opening.

Day 30: Game that had the best ending.

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