Zelda Challenge Day 7: Favorite Incarnation of Link

Which incarnation of Link is my favorite?


That’s an interesting question.

I mean, as Link is the character the player controls, Link is basically the same person in every game. Some of his circumstances might change, the inciting incidents might vary slightly, but he’s basically the same: a good guy, trying to protect people.

The early games don’t really give us any details about Link’s circumstances whatsoever. He’s just the vehicle for the player to be the hero of the story.

In Ocarina of Time, he’s an orphan, raised in the woods to become a hero.

In Twilight Princess, he’s a villager, gone off to try and save kidnapped children, including his dearest friend.

In Skyward Sword, he’s a youth in an isolated community, dragged into events when his friend Zelda is stolen from him.

In Wind Waker, he’s a boy trying to save his sister, and finds himself in the middle of a much bigger fight.

…wait, you know what? I think I like that last one best, actually.

Just a boy fighting for his sister, and it grows into something much more than that. Add to that his many comical expressions, and he’s one of the most expressive and entertaining incarnations of Link in the franchise. He grows up a little too, through his adventures, becoming an explorer for his people. And he’s quite the quick and feisty little fighter, too! 🙂

Yeah. I like that.

My favorite incarnation of Link is the one from Wind Waker. 🙂

"Oh yeah! I'm awesome!"

“Oh yeah! I’m awesome!”

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3 Responses to Zelda Challenge Day 7: Favorite Incarnation of Link

  1. V Donovan says:

    When I first read the title, I assumed it meant Toon Link or Realistic Link, but reading the post I see that was wrong, but my answer would have been Realistic Link like in Twilight Princess and I gotta say, that answer stays as I like that incarnation best as well.

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