Zelda Challenge Day 11: What Did I Register My Name As?

What did I register your name as?


Yeah, creative, aren’t I? šŸ˜‰

Really, I could appreciate how the differing names could distinguish between users, but I was the only one playing Zelda in my house.

I could also appreciate how personal it made things, and how creative and humorous some names could be.

But, overall,when I was playing the game, I just preferred the character being called by his name, ya know?

Is that strange of me?

Also, I hated seeing all the dialogue come up normal and then an all-caps “LINK,” so I always entered it in normally. Which, of course, then has the opposite effect right at the end of Ocarina of Time, when Ganondorf is screaming, “CURSE YOU SAGES! CURSE YOU ZELDA! CURSE YOU Link!” (sigh) Just can’t win, can I? šŸ˜›

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3 Responses to Zelda Challenge Day 11: What Did I Register My Name As?

  1. V Donovan says:

    When I first played, I used my own nickname. It’s short and can work for a male, but I associate it with me, a female, so it was weird seeing this little green boy being called my name. After that, I called him Link too.

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