Zelda Challenge Day 16: What Triforce Piece Would Choose Me?

What Triforce piece would choose me?

Well, each piece seeks out one who values and represents it. The Triforce of Power stayed with Ganondorf (yeah, real good job there, Din!), the Triforce of Courage sought out the Hero, Link, and the Triforce of Wisdom found Princess Zelda. It might be a bit much to compare myself with company like that, ya know?

Still, as I look at each piece, I see something. Each one is a power unto itself, but they manifest differently. Power represents physical power, Wisdom represents mental power, and Courage represents the power of the soul. So, which one would choose me? Why, the one that I would choose, of course!

And I value mental power. I value knowledge and understanding. I value wisdom.

So, there you have it!

The piece that would choose me is the Triforce of Wisdom! 🙂

Wisdom: very cool.

Wisdom: very cool.

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6 Responses to Zelda Challenge Day 16: What Triforce Piece Would Choose Me?

  1. NEETaku says:

    Din would definitely choose me. I’m made for the Triforce of Power

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  2. V Donovan says:

    The Triforce of Wisdom for me as well. As much as I do value all three, wisdom is more my speed…I am a Ravenclaw, after all.

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