Zelda Challenge Day 24: Favorite Instrument

You ever notice how pretty much every game has a musical instrument?

The flute in Legend of Zelda, which is echoed in the magic flute of Spirit Tracks. The wand in Wind Waker. The lyre in Skyward Sword. Heck, even Twilight Princess lets you howl as a wolf. And Majora’s Mask gives you trumpets, drums, and a guitar.

new-zelda-double-ocarina-with-range-of-two-octaves-3-gifFor me, though, and I’m sure this is such a surprise to you all, my favorite is the ocarina from Ocarina of Time. šŸ˜‰

For one thing, it’s just my favorite game, ya know? šŸ™‚

For another, I really like the sound it makes, more than the other instruments.

Playing the ocarina, which is a real instrument, by the way, also felt a bit more like I was playing an actual instrument. In the first game, you just press a button, and done. In other games, you point with the stick, which is less precise and feels more robotic. Pressing buttons, on the other hand, is more similar to how you play the actual instrument, raising and lowering your fingers in specific locations.

Yes, I know it’s still completely different, so it’s silly, but I still felt a little more immersed in the experience.

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3 Responses to Zelda Challenge Day 24: Favorite Instrument

  1. I think Zelda helped introduced the Ocarina to the world.

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