Zelda Challenge Day 27: Least Favorite Dungeon/Temple

It was pretty tough to narrow down my favorite, but it’s not so difficult to pick my least favorite dungeon/temple.

Mind you, my first thought was the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time. That one was just way too scary! You had to go through so very slowly just to avoid getting killed by giant spiders dropping down from invisible holes in the ceiling, you had to use up your magic just to see where you were going, and you had to move as precisely as possible while wearing hover shoes that never caught any traction on the ground, all to get to the most annoying boss of them all! Ohhhh, how I have hated the Shadow Temple! đŸ˜›

But then I thought again, and realized… yes, the Shadow Temple was annoying, but there was one even worse:

From Majora’s Mask: the Great Bay Temple.

This one. The one that looks like some flailing, mutated fish...

This one. The one that looks like some flailing, mutated fish…

Not only was getting to the temple in the first place a giant pain, involving stealing back stolen eggs from two dangerous places, but once I got there… I still had no idea where to go or what to do! And any time I did know where I wanted to go, the flowing water pushed my away from it. Sometimes it pushed me into something unfriendly, and sometimes it just pushed me around and around and around and around the room!

The Shadow Temple at least had an obvious way to go and let you move in a straight line!

Yet… this might seem weird to say, but for all the difficulty and frustration, the Great Bay Temple was still kind of… boring. That never happened in the Shadow Temple, one always had to be on one’s toes in that one, but in the Great Bay Temple? It had all the difficulty, but little of the excitement, ya know?

And, I know I picked Bongo-Bongo as the hardest boss I ever had to battle, no competition, but if anyone was going to compete with him, it would be Gyorg. I had a devil of a time killing that overgrown fish without getting killed in return!

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