Thor Trailer Madness!

So, the internet has been going crazy all day, and rightfully so, for the latest of Marvel’s feature trailers, Thor: Ragnarok.

Myself, I have pretty much been grinning like a madman all day, giggling, fiendishly, far more than a grown man ought to be if he hopes to also maintain the pretense of complete sanity. 3:)

We have been waiting a few years for this now, and it’s great!

Obviously, Thor gets defeated. It doesn’t get much more obvious than hanging in chains in a lava pit as Hela, goddess of the underworld, absolutely annihilates Asgard. And she’s clearly powerful, because she freaking catches and shatters Mjolnir with her bare hand!

“Asgard is dead,” she declares, as she faces down all their armies and fire sweeps through the entire city all at once.

Aaaand, there goes Thor, falling a loooooong way down!

Hmm, the music is setting a tone of something more akin to Guardians of the Galaxy than the other Thor movies. Interesting choice.

So, Thor lands in a place much more earth-bound than Asgard, among junk and scavengers, who immediately capture him.

I believe that’s Valkyrie we see, delivering Thor to the Grandmaster, to make him a gladiator. Did she fall to Hela some time in the past?

Ok, I have no idea who most of these other characters are that we see for just a fleeting moment, but I suppose we’ll get to that in due time.

Oooh, Loki! Marvel’s best villain as of yet, uncontested. Which they really need to do something about, honestly, but he is awesome! Obviously, having barely claimed the throne of Asgard, he won’t be taking too kindly to Hela destroying his realm.

So, we have a lot happening… and then “the main event,” which we all know what it is: Thor vs the Hulk!

I love it! That “YEEESSSSS!!” (confused looks) “We know each other! He’s a friend from work!” Loki’s just watching, knowing exactly what’s up, while Thor has to fight the Hulk anyway.

…anyone else thinking they just lured us in by giving us the first part of the movie? 🙂

I am so excited for this movie! 🙂

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