Sunday’s Wisdom #131: Keep Going

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”
– Ducky, aka Dr. Mallard, NCIS
Season 14, Episode 13, “Keep Going”

Three words: never give up.

These are very good words, and most timely. Ducky says these words at the beginning of the episode, and the man he says them to, his assistant Mr. Palmer, relays them not long after to a man he’s talking out of suicide.

The idea, of course, is one of refusing to yield to one’s troubles. Everyone, at some point, has something going on where it feels like unending agony. That happens more often than we sometimes think, and it doesn’t matter how blessed we’ve been in the meantime. Stress builds up, pain builds up, and suddenly one single blow, big or small, shatters our will. We start wanting to lie down, to just give up, stop fighting, stop trying. We just want to let go.

We could, of course. But we shouldn’t. We mustn’t.

Our lives, our pains, may feel like Hell at times, but Hell is not boundless. It doesn’t stretch forever. There is an end, waiting for us, and lying down does nothing to get us any closer to it.

The reason we talk about going through Hell is because that is what we do: we go through, from one edge to another, and then we leave it behind. We just have to keep going is all. And, interestingly, the harder we push through, the sooner we can climb out. Isn’t that neat?

Whatever you’re going through, don’t give up. Just keep going, and you’ll make it through in due time.

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