Poll Results

A week ago, I polled you, my audience, for something you would like be to do, in celebration of my little milestone of one hundred followers.

The results are: a four-way tie between a Countdown, a Favorite, a Cineverse, and a Challenge.

First lesson learned: must be certain I have a larger audience interested in casting a vote, LOL. Consider me humbled. 🙂

Second lesson learned: have a clearer idea of something specific I want to do, so my audience can have clearer options, and thus have more fun! 😉

As is, my brain was rolling around ideas, so in lieu of a clear victor, and to thank the people who actually voted, I will do all four: my favorite Halloween-themed title, a Harry Potter Countdown, an analysis of another Cineverse and what it adds to the contest between studios, and the 15-Day (or 15-Week, in my case) Doctor Who Challenge.

I hope you all enjoy it, especially my friends who voted! 🙂

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