Sunday’s Wisdom #150: Family Strength

“The strength we need, that we all need, comes from our family.”
– Kelly Burkhardt, Grimm
Season 6, Episode 13, “The End”

Just a short post this week. 🙂

The exact context of this quote is a little complicated, but it boils down to a moment where the hero of the story has been brought to his lowest, at a critical moment, and his family helps him get back up.

That’s what family does, I think, or what it’s meant to do, and that’s why I like this quote.

Family is there for us when we need them, they carry us when you can’t carry ourselves, and we do the same for them. From family, we learn unselfishness and humility. Nobody can stand alone all the time, forever and always, nobody. Everyone stumbles, everyone gets tired, everyone needs help. And sometimes, even when we are at our strongest, we still need help to overcome an obstacle right in front of us. We are always stronger together than when we are apart.

Not to say they have to coddle us. Far from it, sometimes they deliver a much-needed boot to the head and kick to the rear to get us back in gear. 😉

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