15-Day Doctor Who Challenge: Introduction

Today, I begin to fulfill the fourth and final promise I gave you, my audience: I begin the 15-Day (Week) Doctor Who Challenge!

I chose this challenge in particular for two reasons. 1) It’s shorter, and I want to save something longer for a larger milestone down the road. 2) I am still questioning myself as to whether or not I will continue to follow Doctor Who, and I mean that both personally and on my blog. I figured this might help me make up my mind, and if my answer turns out to be “no,” then I will have already done this before the next season kicks off, and I will have ended on a very good note.

So, on that note, here’s what you can expect from me over the next few months. I am looking forward to it!

Day 1: Favorite Doctor.
Day 2: Favorite Companion.
Day 3: Least Favorite Companion.
Day 4: Saddest Scene.
Day 5: Funniest Scene.
Day 6: Favorite Scene.
Day 7: Favorite Villain.
Day 8: Favorite Doctor Quote.
Day 9: Favorite Companion Quote.
Day 10: Favorite Episode.
Day 11: Least Favorite Episode.
Day 12: A Thing You Would Change.
Day 13: Favorite Planet or Time.
Day 14: Favorite Piece of Technology.
Day 15: If you could travel with the Doctor, where would you go?

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