Sunday’s Wisdom #157: My Friends

“They cared for me, during the dark times. Never questioned me, never judged me, they were just… kind. I owe them. I have a duty.”
– The Doctor, Doctor Who
Season 7, Episode 12, “The Name of the Doctor”

To the American portion of my audience, Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many things which I am thankful for. Family, good food, laughter, the relative luxuries provided by modern-day technology, quality stories, etc. Right now, however, I want to express my gratitude for my dear friends.

The Doctor of Doctor Who has never been one to abandon those in need if he could avoid it, and he has always been fiercely loyal to his friends. There was a time, though, right after he suffered a terrible loss, that he practically turned his back on the world, on the entire universe. He was hurt, and needed time to heal. So he turned to his friends for help, and while they did not approve of his self-isolation, they still enabled him in it, both bridging and maintaining the gap between him and the rest of the world, and quietly watching his back. They did not judge him for it, neither did they badger him over it. They were simply kind to him in his moment of need.

That earns them his loyalty, of course, such that he is willing to risk much for them when they are the ones in need of rescue.

And that’s really what a good friend is: they got your back whenever you need it, and you do the same for them. One of you falls, the other catches.

Too many people these days forget that. It’s all about what we all want from each other, what we can accept in each other, and what we can do to each other. But friendship isn’t about what we can get, or even what we can give. It’s not even about the good times or the bad times. It’s about what we choose to do in support of one another.

My friends have always been there to support me, and I hope that I have done as much for them as they have for me. They are my family, as much as my blood relatives. And I am thankful for them.

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