Sunday’s Wisdom #158: Ordinary Life is Not Dull

“This is my life now, and it just turned you white as a sheet, so don’t you call it dull again. Ever. OK?”
– Amelia Pond, Doctor Who
Season 5, Episode 7, “Amy’s Choice”

One of my favorite moments from Doctor Who. 🙂

The Doctor and his friends, Amy and Rory, are caught in between two apparent realities, one of which is a dream, according to their enemy. The three of them are being yanked between one scenario, where they’re in space and falling toward an unusual star, and another, where they’re facing an as-yet-unknown danger in a quiet village where nothing extraordinary happens. The Doctor is, at this moment, screaming about how his brain isn’t working properly because “this village is so dull!

I mean, he is accustomed to zooming about, flitting from one crisis to another, never a boring moment, and he loves it, so this quiet, peaceful, monotonous village really does not appeal to him. He loves excitement!

Suddenly, Amy, heavily pregnant, lets out a yell because the baby’s coming now and both men leap into overdrive, the Doctor, for all his grand adventures and his nerves of steel, is practically panicking on the spot… until Amy stops screaming and reveals she was just faking, the baby’s not coming. The Doctor is confused, why would she fake it? She looks him straight in the eye and says the above quote. And that “OK?” at the end is more like a statement and a command than a question.

That’s Amy, one, and Doctor, humbled. 🙂

As much as we tend to like the idea of adventure, of going out to do incredible things, of fast-paced lives that keep us occupied and running around, I think we sometimes forget a simple truth: ordinary life is anything but dull. In fact, it’s quite amazing. And daunting. Just ask any parent or teacher: are their lives boring? Nope. Far from it.

Life does not need to be a maelstrom to be exciting.

All of my best memories, and most terrifying experiences, come from normal days, especially spending time with family. What greater adventure could I ever want, eh?

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