Doctor Who Challenge Day 5: Funniest Scene.

Seriously? A show that makes us laugh even when things are going terribly wrong, and they ask for “funniest scene?” How does one even begin to pick one?! Especially, how do you pick one that isn’t framed by tragedy somehow?

A few favorites, in no particular order:

The silent conversation in “Smith and Jones.”

A captured Slitheen trying to murder the Doctor over dinner. After he captured her by hijacking her teleport.

Two Doctors clutching a rope and getting pulled upwards and along the floor by the creature they are trying to capture, an experience they narrowly survive and just laugh together like a pair of old fools.

Dialing the wrong number in “Planet of the Dead.”

“Don’t stand him up against the lift,” says the Doctor as he escapes a bunch of soldiers by backing into the elevator behind him. Which is immediately followed by a hunt, the Doctor meeting Harriet Jones, ducking into the office, the Doctor threatening to “triplicate the flammability” of a bottle of liquor in order to interrogate the enemy, but the Slitheen call his bluff, so he passes it to Harriet who says, “You’re supposed to pass it to the left,” before the Doctor activates the steel walls and declares, triumphantly, “They’ll never get in.” Rose asks, “And how do we get out?” Doctor: “…ah.”

Both sequences with Amy in the “Meanwhile in the Tardis” segments. 🙂

The “Worst! Rescue! Ever!

The words of Gallifrey, a language that could topple gods and whatnot, and what does it say? “Hello Sweetie.”

When Detective Shipton is hitting on Sally Sparrow, and he asks for her name and she says, “Sally Shipton… Sparrow! Sally Sparrow! Don’t look at me!” as she flees in hilarious, lovable embarrassment.

In Matt Smith’s first episode, when it’s “time to put on a show,” and he’s changing into someone else’s clothes and Rory is protesting and turns around… and Amy does not.

The Doctor in the White House, “You think you can just shoot me?” And River bursts out, “THEY’RE AMERICAN!” And he immediately shifts to begging not to be shot. 🙂

Clara Oswald. Just, everything about every time she’s introduced.

And Strax. One of my favorite characters. A few of his lines:

“Captain Harcourt, I hope someday to meet you in the glory of battle, where I will crush the life from your worthless human form! Try and get some rest!”

“I can produce magnificent quantities of lactate fluid!”

“Do you want me to get the memory worm?” (that entire scene is a strong contender for Funniest)

“Sir, emergency! I think I’ve been run over by a cab!”

“Madame Vastra was wondering if you were needing any grenades! …she might have said, ‘help.’”

“Sherlock Holmes.”


“He will be lured from the dangers of London to this place of safety and we will melt him with acid! …and we will NOT melt him with acid!

Actually, if I have to pick one, I’m going with the “melt him with acid!” line, which is topped off by, “The morning paper. Shall I send it up?” And he hurls it right up to the window and into Clara’s face! I love it!

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