The Liebster Award

As wonderful as it is to get these awards, I must admit I was a little surprised to get two of them in such close succession to each other. 🙂

My thanks to Moya at the Moyatorium for the nomination! 🙂 If you haven’t seen it before, we talk about some similar things and I rather enjoy reading it!

I had no idea what “Liebster” even was. I mean, it sounds almost made up, doesn’t it? But, then, that’s pretty much true for most language, isn’t it? It apparently means, according to Google, “one who is much loved by someone.” Awww! Thank you! 😉

So, the rules are as follows:

Display Award

Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.

Nominate 5 – 11 bloggers.

So, that’s the first two done. Now, as for the eleven questions:

If you do a half-smile, does your mouth curve upwards on the right side or the left?
Yes. Yes, it does. 😉 Heh, honestly, it usually goes to my left, but it has been known to go to my right too.

What anime “dere” archetype do you most identify with? The basic ones: tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, himedere. For info on each or additional choices, check out this guide.
Oooh, interesting! And a nice opportunity to learn about the various “dere,” some of which I have never even considered before. Cool! As for which one I most identify with. Hmmm, let’s see…

There’s the kuudere, who seems cold and unapproachable at first, but proves to be very caring towards the ones they love. I know, I may not seem that way online, but in real life… I am the strong, silent type most of the time, and one of my friends described her initial impression of me as quiet and a little weird, but I am determined to always be there for my family and my dear friends, and woe to you if you mess with them.

Of course, there’s also, probably even more accurate, the dandere. As in introvert and an autistic, I lost most of my childhood fearlessness and became a bit more reserved, but put me next to someone I like (not “like” so the comparison isn’t perfect) and I’ll gab away about anything interesting to me.

More disturbing is the dorodere, who appear sweet and lovable but are actually messed up psychos on the inside. I mention that one because… well, let’s just say that if I ever meet my evil self from an alternate dimension, the only option will be to kill him right then and there. It is my choice to keep the monster inside my tightly muzzled and on a short leash in the basement. I hear it, and sometimes it honestly frightens me, but it’s not coming out to hurt anyone. I almost pity the fool who ventures down there and unleashes is. …almost. 😉

If you could have siblings (or reassign them if you already have siblings), would you like older or younger siblings, and of the same or opposite gender? And how many?
I’ll just keep my older sisters and younger step-siblings as they are, thank you! 🙂

What’s your stance on avocado toast?
…huh? What is this abomination you speak of?

What anime superpower do you want the most?
Shape-shifting! Hands down, no competition! 😀
Now, as for exactly which flavor of shape-shifting, hmmm… there’s the ones that go “poof!” Like Shippo, or in Fruits Basket, or that shape-shifting girl in Akame ga Kill. There’s the ones that shimmer and/or explode, and that’s handy and cool too. Oh, I know! Like Envy in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! I would prefer to not be a tiny worm whose power runs on the trapped souls of an entire murdered nation, but the mechanics of the shifting itself are pretty awesome! 🙂

Favourite Japanese band (if you have one)?
Don’t know any.

If you got stuck in the world of the most recent anime you watched, would you still be okay (mentally and/or physically)?
Fruits Basket? Sure! I’d be fine!

What food or chain restaurant would you recommend to someone visiting your country?
Too many chain restaurants to decide, so I will go with recommending… a cheeseburger! I mean, how much more quintessentially American can you get, eh?

Do you prefer small spaces with firm walls or large, open spaces? Does either one disturb you?
I suppose I’m more comfortable in smaller spaces. I do, oddly, feel a bit like I’m going to fall upward if I’m in a completely open space, rather than among cities or trees or mountains or caves (like my room!).

What’s your favourite drink?
Fruity sodas.

What do you want your epitaph to be?
Life is good.

Now, here, I am afraid I must disappoint. I could not come up with eleven questions. Actually, I couldn’t come up with any at all! 😦

Nonetheless, this was fun, and thank you! 🙂

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2 Responses to The Liebster Award

  1. moyatori says:

    Glad to find another avocado hater. And don’t worry about having a dorodere in you…I’d even confess to having a bit of yandere in me – at least in high school anyways. Don’t worry…I haven’t murdered or hurt anyone, but the tendency to obsess was real and unbeknownst to all.

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